Thursday evening winter storm update....

>> Thursday, January 28, 2010

I am going to stick with the accumulation map I put out this morning for tonight. In the morning, I will take a good look at things and make any adjustments necessary. But as of now, I don't see a big compelling reason to change things overall.

With that said, many spots in the Triad region could very well wind up in the upper end of the 6-12" range I put out. It still looks like a vast majority of the precip in that area will be in the form of snow. Some sleet possible at times, but mainly snow.

I have no changes for the time being for the Triangle area either. And the snow/sleet mixture will likely spread over into the northern Coastal Plain as well.

The Charlotte region continues to be a big challenge. Wintry precip is on the way; it remains a question of what type. If you take the 18z NAM and GFS verbatim, Charlotte and points west and north remain mostly snow for a good chunk of Friday night before temps aloft warm enough that either sleet or freezing rain becomes the more prominent precip type. From Charlotte and points east and then south into northern-most South Carolina, freezing rain and sleet will likely be the primary precip type for a large portion of the event.

Make no mistake...I see nothing to sway me from thinking that a major winter storm is on the way for a large portion of the is just the details that need to continue to be resolved.

So, I will stick with the general accumulation areas outlined early today and adjust as necessary tomorrow morning.


Carrie 8:03 PM  

Thanks again for this update, Matthew!


Anonymous 8:10 PM  

BRING IT ON - its nice to happen over a weekend (when some have off work!) thanks Matt

Unknown 8:18 PM  

Thanks for the update, Matt. You're a shining light for us weather junkies in the southeast.. Thanks for being out there and for all of the dedication you have shown to this blog and it's readers.

Anonymous 8:31 PM  

Matt i noticed that ABC 13 wset has trended upward for northern NC and southern Va now predicting 10-18 inches including Person County,Caswell,Rockingham,Halifax County Va,Pittslyvania,Henry counties do you think thats right because the models did trend colder. 10-18 inches here in Person county northern portions is good for me more than 6-12...Chris

Matthew East 9:26 PM  

No problem! I greatly appreciate all of your kind words....

Chris, all precip up your way, should be snow. Just a matter of amounts. Some modeling keeps the moisture more south that others. If the wetter models are correct, you could certainly do better than 6-12"....I will make any adjustments to my map in the morning....

Anonymous 9:36 PM  

New NAM is a huge run for areas west of CLT along 85...gastonia, shelby, forest city, northern greenville, spartanburg and cherokee counties.

Gastonwxman 9:37 PM  

New NAM data showing more snow totals for the area...a LOT more. Not getting excited about it just yet.

Tarheelhombre 9:48 PM  

We've had two runs in a row of the NAM indicating higher snow totals across all of the warned area in NC and parts of the watch area in SC while the GFS beefed the snow up last run too.

Anonymous 10:09 PM  

Let hope that 12Z at midnight will Show Charlotte and rest of the warned and watch area getting 1Foot+

Gastonwxman 10:49 PM  

GFS also trending to a colder and snowier solution!!!!

Anonymous 11:08 PM  

The SREF data did fairly well

Gastonwxman 11:11 PM  

GFS HR 54 snow totals btw:

gretastips 12:04 AM  

Love your blog! Have linked it to my FB page for all the other media to see!

Hope we get more than just a mixed bag in Asheboro. Seems the Uwharrie Mountains always interfere with us getting storms. That's a good thing - except when we want lots of snow!

Anonymous 12:05 AM  

any one seen new run on the NAM

Gastonwxman 5:46 AM  

NWS's latest snow total forecast:

Anonymous 5:51 AM  

Thunderstorms along the gulf coast.....a couple people including matt morano say that that could bring down they mean instead of 6-12~1-3 or instead of 6-12~5-11? How much are you thinking for West Iredell...NWS has us at a foot :/

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