Nice weather... coastal low forming....

>> Thursday, June 20, 2013

The piedmont will enjoy some very nice weather today with highs in the low and mid 80s and fairly low levels of humidity for this time of year.

An area of low pressure is spinning up along the coast, and that low will spread rain into the eastern Carolina over the next couple of days. The heaviest rains look to occur in eastern NC.

At this point, it appears most, if not all, of that rain will stay east of I-95. But we will keep watching it.

A few afternoon storms become possible over the weekend, and then the chances of afternoon storms ramp up further next work week as temps and humidity levels increase.

Here's today's video:


Drier pattern arriving...

>> Wednesday, June 19, 2013

After a couple of unsettled weather days to start this work week, we are now entering a much drier and quieter weather setup. One cold front was located early this morning from coastal NC down into SC. The thunderstorm threat will likely be confined to areas near and south of that front today.

A second cold front will move into NC this afternoon and could generate some isolated showers. However, this will likely be nothing impressive.

The weather tomorrow and Friday looks very nice for much of the region. Lower humidity levels will take hold for much of the piedmont and foothills, and highs will be in the 80s.

A coastal low will likely develop tomorrow, and that could provide a rather rainy scenario for coastal portions of the Carolinas by later tomorrow and Friday.

We will heard toward some typical Summertime weather by next work week with some lower 90s for highs and afternoon storm chances.

Here's today's video:


Showers and storms likely today... drier times ahead...

>> Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Radar clearly shows a disturbance over middle Tennessee early this morning, and it's moving eastward. All modeling aside, that alone leads me to believe we will have good chances of some showers and storms here in the Carolinas today.

Drier air will begin to filter into NC from the north tomorrow, and that will mean a reduction in the chance of showers and storms.

At this point, Thursday through the weekend are looking mainly dry and warm.


TD2 is inland over Central America, and it will stay well south, winding up in Mexico. Flooding and mudslides in Mexico will be the problem with this system.

See the video for much more on all of this....


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