Cool and breezy October weather... TD 9 in the Bay of Campeche...

>> Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Cool and breezy weather will be the rule for a couple of days around the region. In fact, some mountain spots are even sub-freezing this morning.

Down in the southern Gulf of Mexico (the Bay of Campeche specifically), TD 9 has formed. This system should slowly move E across the Yucatan and into the western Caribbean Sea. The short-term prospects for this system are not good, however, I do find it interesting that some of the modeling leaves a piece of the system behind in the western Caribbean in an environment that eventually becomes more favorable for strengthening by early next week. We will see....

Today's video:


Excellent October Weather

>> Tuesday, October 21, 2014

More cool, quiet October weather on the way. Here's today's video:


Mountain/ Valley Fog

>> Monday, October 20, 2014

I was blessed with the opportunity to head to Ecuador for a mission trip last week. Amazing experience. I will likely share more in coming days. 

While I was there, I was able to capture a great example of mountain/ valley fog. This location is at 9k feet in the Andes Mountains. It was fascinating watching this. Like clockwork, you could watch the clouds/ fog develop in the valley below from around noon to 1pm, and then by 3:30-4pm, the clouds/ fog would lift up to the 9k foot location. Fascinating. 


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