Cold Stuff...

>> Saturday, March 17, 2007

There was quite a bite in the air today with many folks seeing 40s for highs and gusty northwest winds. Cold conditions will be with us tonight with lows in the 20s. This will be a damaging freeze, so you need to protect your plants tonight! The winds will not be as bad Sunday as what we saw today, so while it will still be a well-below average temperature day, it will not feel as cold as today. Milder conditions move in for the new work week.

Bracket update time....I lost my first Sweet 16 team today...Maryland. But, the rest of my Sweet 16 is holding serve right now,and my Elite 8 and Final 4 are in tact. I have Georgetown in the Final the moment, they are trailing.....ugh.

*Edit to add the following* And, I forgot to mention that my Mississippi State Bulldogs played very well this afternoon and knocked off Bradley to advance in the NIT. Next game will be against Florida State Tuesday evening in Starkville. The winner of that one heads to Madison Square Garden. Go State!


>> Friday, March 16, 2007

Rain has ended and a cold weekend is settling in. It will feel more like January than mid-March this weekend. Also, look for a light freeze tonight with a harder freeze coming Saturday night into Sunday morning. Protest that tender vegetation...

I gotta tell bracket is looking pretty good at this juncture. I was incorrect last night...I re-checked and I have NOT lost any of my Sweet 16 teams yet....good sign. Of course, we have the night session tonight to get through still. But, all in all, I am off to a good start....including picking the VCU victory over Duke. My 12-5 upset is Arkansas over USC....we shall see. Gotta love this time of year if you are a sports fan!


Thursday Night...

>> Thursday, March 15, 2007

Rain will spread in tonight and continue into a good portion of Friday. While some rumbles of thunder are possible, this is really not a severe weather set-up. However, some healthy amounts of rain will fall. I think many spots will see at least 1.5", and some locales could see up to 3".

Temperatures will fall all day Friday, and some spots in the northern Triad region could be in the upper 30s by sunset. It will be much colder this weekend, and a freeze looks likely at least Sunday morning.

On a non-weather note, I am enjoying the NCAA tourney getting underway. So far, no major upsets. Although I have lost one of my Sweet 16 teams, my bracket is in good shape so far. My wife's bracket is perfect so far!

In the NIT, my Bulldogs took care of business Tuesday night against Mississippi Valley State, and they will host Bradley in Starkville Saturday at 11am on ESPN. Bradley shoots the 3 VERY well, so that will be a big challenge.

Stay dry!


Wednesday Afternoon

>> Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Warm afternoon unfolding out there with highs creeping up into the lower 80s. The record high at both the Charlotte and PTI airports is 82...we are making a run at that.

A few isolated showers will be possible tomorrow afternoon, but the best rain chances will be late tomorrow night through Friday. A few thunderstorms could be involved, but I am not overly concerned about severe weather at the moment.

There is some big model disagreement on the timing of the cold front through our area Friday. The GFS is quicker, and quickly dips out temps into the 40s as Friday unfolds. However, the NAM is slower, indicating 60s for a good chuck of the day. I think the slower timing is the better idea right now.

It will be much cooler this weekend with highs only in the 50s, and I think we dip below freezing Sunday morning.

Thankfully, I am feeling much better, and I am back to close to 100%. I really didn't eat anything Saturday, Sunday, or Monday....lost at least 5 pounds in the process. I think my body has been making up for that lack of eating yesterday and today....I absolutely pillaged the CiCi's buffet last night!

I tell you though...I have never been so glad to feel hungry in all of my life. It was actually a little alarming to have NO appetite. I am normally a person who never fails to eat a meal, so to have no desire to eat (and even feel repulsed by the though of eating) was certainly a little concerning. But again, I seem to be back on track now....CiCi's beware!


Tiring Week

>> Sunday, March 11, 2007

This work week for me has been one that has seen me and my family battle a stomach virus. I was quite ill Thursday, better Friday, then I have been fairly bad again this weekend (biggest problems this weekend have been a crushing headache and absolutely NO desire to eat anything....and then the weakness that enevitably comes from eating 1 meal in 2 days). So, I am ready for a couple of off days!

A couple of quick stories here...

First, my mom somehow completely missed the time change this morning. She lives out of town....hadn't watched any local TV or radio, and didn't realize there was a problem until she arrived at her destination this hour late! I told her I was impressed that she managed to not only miss the time change, but miss it until 10am!

Also, I am sitting in church with my wife this morning. The congregation is standing, singing a song. I glance down at the pew in front of me and notice a Bible with someone's name etched on the bottom of it. Nothing strange, but it caught my eye, and I decided to read the name. Granted, I am standing, and it is on the pew in the row in front of me, so I am having to strain a bit to make it out. I just can't read what the last name says, so I nudge my wife and ask her. Then she laughs and says, "Um, it says Bonded Leather." Wow. We had a good laugh about that.

Everyone have a great week!


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