>> Monday, August 17, 2009

Claudette made landfall just after midnight Monday morning not far from Ft. Walton Beach, Florida.

Ana continues to really struggle as of Monday morning, and whatever is left of the system will head into the Gulf of Mexico later in the week.

Bill became the first hurricane of the season early Monday morning, and all indications continue to be that Bill has a good chance of becoming a major hurricane. As of Monday morning, the computer model guidance remains very consistent in largely turning Bill away before it reaches the US East coast. However, all East coast residents need to continue to monitor Bill's progress as the week unfolds.

**Please note this post was made early Monday morning and lots could change through the week.**

I will be out of pocket this week. This is the annual trip where I will unplug for the week....no email, cell phones, blogging, television, or the like. Many thanks to Bob Child for stepping in for me this week at work and the rest of the News 14 Carolina weather staff for picking up any of the slack my absence creates. Stay with the crew at News 14 Carolina for all of the latest tropical information in addition to complete coverage of our local weather.

I will be back in the weather office Monday, August 24. Have a great week!


New tropical system in the Gulf...Ana and Bill in the Atlantic...

>> Sunday, August 16, 2009

The tropical disturbance (which we talked about getting into the Gulf this weekend all week in our tropical updates on News 14 Carolina) in the Gulf is rapidly organizing, and as of just before 7am, when I am typing this up, is Tropical Depression 4. However, really at any point this could strengthen into Tropical Storm Claudette.

This will only be over the Gulf for another 12-24 hours, but it could significant strengthen during that time. TD 4 could easily become a strong tropical storm, and I wouldn't completely rule out it gaining minor hurricane status due to how healthy the circulation looks on the Tampa radar (in the left hand column).

This will move inland on the northern Gulf coast, and Tropical Storm Warnings have been hoisted from the Alabama-Florida border eastward to Suwannee River area in Florida.

Ana continues its battle with dry air, but so far it has been able to maintain minor tropical storm status. Ana looks likely to cruise right through the northern Caribbean Islands, so it will be battling dry air and lots of land. So, the prospects of Ana significantly strengthening are small, and if anything, Ana will likely weaken later on in the week.

However, once Ana gets into the Gulf, some re-strengthening is possible, so residents along the Gulf coast will need to continue to monitor Ana.

Finally, Bill is strengthening, and all systems look like a 'go' for Bill to become a significant hurricane. Bill could make a very close pass to the northeastern Caribbean islands as it bends to the northwest.

The modeling is now almost unanimous in recurving Bill in the Atlantic before reaching the Atlantic coast. The reason is a trough digging down in the eastern US later in the week. So, at least at the moment, the threat to the US East coast from Bill looks a little lower...however, we still have a lot of time to track Bill, and that could certainly change. So East Coast residents do not need to let their guard down at all just yet.

Around the Piedmont, a few storms are possible this afternoon, but they will be few and far between with highs in the upper 80s for most. For most of this week, we will have the chance of a few PM storms with highs in the upper 80s to lower 90s. We will have to see if some of the tropical moisture from TD 4 makes it up our way and enhances the rain chances at some point.

All right, that's it for now...I will see if I can get a new post up sometime before tonight.


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