Midday update....

>> Friday, January 29, 2010

System behaving pretty well to this point. Precip might be a touch ahead of schedule, but not much. Morning models have come in a bit wetter, but again, we are kind past model watching time at this juncture.

Wedge looks strong...most Piedmont dewpoints are in the teens and dropping. Winds a picking up out of the northwest.

Will not adjust my accumulation forecast as of now....if changes are made, it might be to expand the area of 5-10" southward a bit. Also, depending on moisture, much of the Triad could indeed verify more toward the upper end of the range outlined.

For my friends over in the coastal plains....hang tight. Your area remains a very tough call, but feel you will see some wintry precip in many cases.


Anonymous 2:16 PM  

Matthew, The job that you do on keeping us informed of incoming weather events is outstanding and I would like to take the time to say thanks. One question I have is on the tv I have noticed that the pink line is creeping down further and further from VA, I live in Winston Salem and would like to ask you if you are thinking now that we may have more than the 7-12 that you forecasted earlier this morning?

Anonymous 2:34 PM  

Matt, You have done a very good job at handling the system and informing everyone. I can say, my viewing area in Eastern North Carolina finally started going with a snowier scenario. Keep up the good work and keep us informed!

Anonymous 3:08 PM  

Yes, must echo the snowy geese voices here and say job well done keeping us informed. You are good at what you do. I feel like I should be paying you?!? You take I.O.U.'s?????

Heard there was a conference call and NWS was raising snow amounts. True/False/Rumors?


Anonymous 3:24 PM  

snowing here in shelby

DoubleJ 3:57 PM  

Light flurries over here on Mallard Creek Rd next to Harris Blvd.

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