Breezy today....chillier tomorrow....watching the end of the week....

>> Monday, January 25, 2010

Our powerful system that brought flooding and severe weather continue to pull away from the region today. In the wake of it, it is a breezy and relatively mild day with highs not far from 60 and winds gusting to 30 or 35mph at times.

Tomorrow will be chillier with highs in the upper 40s and lots of sun. Look for lower 50s Wednesday and Thursday.

Our next system will swing through Thursday night through Friday night. The 6z GFS looks like it has finally caught onto the right idea and is quite similar overall to the 0z European model. It is far too early for specifics, but it sure looks like this could produce some wintry weather around the upper Southeast.....Tennessee over into North Carolina especially....maybe parts of South Carolina before the event ends.

We will see how modeling trends in future runs, but it bears watching for sure....


Anonymous 7:14 AM  
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Anonymous 7:33 AM  

Speaking on behalf of the snow lovers in Charlotte: hopefully we won't get disappointed with this opportunity towards end of the week. I guess time will tell... will keep our fingers crossed in the mean time.

Anonymous 8:15 AM  

Accuweather has 1.3 inches of snow and .74 of rain for statesville, nc and then 5.6 inches of snow for hickory!! Is this going to end up like the december storm with north of charlotte getting some snow and foothills gettin half a foot and the mtns with 10"+?? I know it's way early to guess at acc., but to see that is reassuring :)

Anonymous 9:50 AM  

I'd love to see that surface LOW get to the gulf coast. Do you think that it could trend further to the south? We're it is, it seems like mostly a rain event again for Charlotte. Maybe a transition to sleet or freezing rain, but who wants that?:) That LOW and thus the big blue line on the GFS needs to get further south!!


DoubleJ 12:20 PM  

I'd really rather not see an ice storm from this. Snow yes, Ice No. It makes me nervous though when we started talking about the I-40 corridor being the dividing line, cause usually that means Charlotte sees a cold rain, and we have seen way too much of that this winter season.

Matthew East 1:52 PM  

12z Euro is a biggie for much of NC.

Anonymous 5:21 PM  

hi matt,
your blog is so popular that i live in hyde county north carolina and even i know about it. Your blogs are very nice. What are the chances of snow for eastern nc?

Anonymous 7:48 PM  

Where do you get the Canadian Ptype charts from thats the only one i can get i get all of the GFS conditionals and also where can i get the NAM ptype charts off of. I cant. find them

Michael 7:54 PM  

The models historically trend North and West and if this holds true for this one, the Piedmont Triad will get a sloppy mess and only the mountains will get a good snow. The period 48 hours before the event will tell the tale. Thanks for your blog Matt and God bless you!

Tarheelhombre 9:17 PM  

The snow zealots are all excited about Friday and Saturday. Bring it on!

Anonymous 9:30 PM  

I really don't think this storm is going to be a big deal for NC, maybe the mountains and northern foothills. We wont really know until Wednesday.

Matthew East 6:46 AM  

Thanks for watching wherever you might be located! Even eastern parts of NC could possibly get in on some of the action at some point.....mainly northern sections.

I have a good link for the regional Canadian model ptype (48 hours) but not global.

Michael....can't rule out a NW trend of some sort. But the huge polar vortex to our north will prevent this thing from going too far north.

Lots of time for things to change....

Anonymous 9:53 AM  

Can i get the link for the canadian ptype charts?

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