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>> Friday, January 29, 2010

Watching some healthy action on the radar in Mississippi and Alabama. That will move through here later tonight. Light snow has developed a little ahead of schedule, and some accumulation is occurring on some grassy surfaces. All in all, I still expect any accumulations in NC to be light until later this evening.

There is also a dry slot near the Mississippi River....we will have to watch how that impacts us carefully....those can ruin a good forecast at times....

I have taken a look at things, and I have decided to leave my accumulation map from this morning unchanged. I was tempted to pull the 5-10" area further south into Cleveland, Gaston, and Meck counties, but I will leave it alone. Just be aware the totals right along I-85 could wind up higher than the 3-6" and lean more toward the 5-10" in some spots.

In the northern Piedmont, the 7-12" from roughly I-40 northward still looks pretty good, although there is a good chance that area could wind up on the upper side of that range.

I appreciate all of your kind words greatly....they are humbling. Thanks for checking in. I will put up some hits on twitter from time to time.....but I will also be away from the computer at times.

Enjoy the weather, and be careful!


Anonymous 4:11 PM  

Yeah, that dry slot looks bad. This has the look of a cold front, just a big line of moisture moving through. Hopefully that will fill in or this could turn in to a big bust.


Anonymous 4:40 PM  

Pouring snow here - grass is turning white. The kids are excited so I hope the dry slot doesn't mess us up! Still hoping.

Anonymous 4:49 PM  

Flakes are flying in Statesville!!

Anonymous 4:52 PM  

Will the dry slot effect everyone or just the southern portion?

Susanna 9:27 PM  

How's the dry slot looking now?


Dry slot dry slot.... It scares me... Give me confidence Matt...

Anonymous 9:39 PM  

Yea, the dry slot is not looking very promising. Seems to be getting worse rather than filling in.


Exactly, hopefully Matt will give us an explanation of hope...

Anonymous 12:46 AM  

hi matt, i live in hyde county and we already have about 2" on the ground. keep it coming!

Anonymous 7:12 AM  

Well this is just wonderful, as always with these systems somehow we get cheated...this time its by the precip ending 10 hrs. earlier than expected.

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