Severe and flooding threat tonight

>> Sunday, January 24, 2010

I posted most of this in the comment section in the post below, but I wanted to post it here to make sure everybody could see.

I am quite concerned about the flooding potential tonight, and the severe weather threat is real as well.

Temps and dewpoints have risen to the lower 60s in many spots, and I see a tornado warning has been issued for a couple of counties in western NC. Severe weather could definitely be a problem, with damaging winds and isolated tornadoes possible.

And flooding looks like it WILL be a problem. The ground is completely most of the rain will immediately get into runoff mode. I expect some flash flooding and river flooding problems around the region tonight folks....please be careful.

And yep, the end of the week system looks interesting. For snow fans in NC, I would actually be more concerned about the system trending too far south as opposed to too far north. Much more on that in the coming days....


Anonymous 6:49 PM  

I'm 15 years old and I'm scared to go to sleep now because I'm worried about the weather. I live in guilford county, should i stay up all night with my eyes glued to a radar map, since I don't have a NOAA radio?

Anonymous 7:47 PM  

I've noticed that the NWS still has yet to put the Southern Piedmont in a tornado watch? But just to are south in SC every county is in one. Whats with that?

Matthew East 8:57 PM  

Obviously, odds are you will be just fine. However, the severe potential is there. I would have some reliable way of hearing warnings just in case.

Not sure about the watch decisions.....I am just checking in on things from home. Time to grab a nap before heading into the office for the morning shift!

Anonymous 11:08 PM  

The Total Totals, showalter index, SREH, and the SWEAT index are all indicating a potential for some severe weahter associated with the front. That being said CAPE is very low and CIN is pretty substantial so while the threat is out there I dont believe we will see any severe storms or tornadic activity. However we will see the potential for some flooding rain as the ground is already saturated. Gusty winds will also be in the mix which could bring down trees since the ground is so wet.

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