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>> Saturday, December 19, 2009

Here is a really nice shot this morning from up in Haywood county....

I really appreciate all of you checking in here with me. I sincerely thank all of you for all of the kind words over the past couple of weeks. I am glad folks out there find some enjoyment from my blog and videos. I enjoy doing them, and I will continue to churn them out!

Storm is pulling away from our region today and is really dumping the snow now off to our north. This was a widespread, disruptive winter storm.

Here in NC, looks like many folks in the mountains got over a foot, and the original forecast for the Triad I put out on the air Thursday morning of 5-10" looks like it did pretty well.

In the Charlotte region, Iredell and Cleveland counties got a good amount of wintry precip, Gaston county wound up with hours of freezing rain, and Charlotte itself and points eastward didn't get much, aside from some sleet mixing in from time to time. All in all, the heavier precip from the system exited the southern Piedmont before temperatures aloft cooled enough for any significant snow.

This is not a function of cold air chasing the precip. This is a case of the track of the 850mb low winding up being a bit too far north to give the southern Piedmont any significant snow. The farther north that low aloft tracked, the warmer the temps were about 5000 feet or so, so we wound up melting snow before it reached the ground. Temps here at the ground were plenty cold enough for snow.

At any rate, time to move on. As accumulation maps get put together, I will share them, probably in my video Monday morning.

Next system due in here around Christmas Eve, and it still has at least some wintry potential somewhere around the region. Will watch it over the weekend and talk much more about it when we get back into a normal routine Monday morning.

Be careful out there. Roads in the spots that saw snow are a mess this morning. And black ice will likely be a significant problem for Sunday and possibly Monday morning as well....again, mainly for the spots that have snow on the ground.

Enjoy your weekend....


Anonymous 1:02 PM  

Sorry to those folks out there, esp. in Charlotte metro area, who were wishing snow. I too, was disappointed with the cold rain we had all day yesterday (Friday). Matthew, may be the storm next week just before Christmas, all the ingredients and details will come together and fall into the right place so that it may dump some snow in Charlotte area? I will say a prayer this time that God will bring some snow next week for God tells us ask and we shall receive. Again, thanks Matthew for keeping us well informed with this past week’s storm.


Susanna 5:39 PM  

Thanks for keeping us updated with the storm yesterday! You're my new favorite weatherman. Better forecast, and better updates! I check your blog as soon as I get online every time now. Thanks for doing such a great job! I'm praying for that white Christmas, just like every year. Sooner or later we have to get one. :)

Matthew East 8:19 PM  

Yep, a lot of southern Piedmont folks just missed out. It was such a razor thin line....northern Cleveland county got hammered with snow...Lincoln county saw a good but, as did northwest Gaston county and much of Iredell county. The Charlotte metro was indeed RIGHT on the line!

TY and Susanna, I greatly appreciate your kind words! Thanks for reading, and keep stopping by! God bless....

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