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>> Thursday, December 17, 2009

Have had a ton of things to do around the house this afternoon, but I have been popping in to the computer often to check things. I have no real changes to my thoughts. Seems the GSP NWS is playing things conservatively around the I-85 corridor in their area. That is fine....you don't want to put a big number out there and then have to back away from it.

I will delve into this later this evening and hopefully put out specific accumulation ideas. For the Triad, this still looks like a major winter storm. It is trickier for Charlotte and GSP.

For those following the models, I think the 12z NAM did not handle the layer about 5000' (850mb) very well, and that made the whole atmospheric profile likely too warm. The latest NAM model has come in much colder and closer to what I think could happen.

Again, more ideas this evening....check back!


Anonymous 4:26 PM  

I'm sitting RIGHT HERE waiting until you come back and tell me what's going to happen! Not really, I can't back that up. I'm looking forward to your thoughts however.

I'm preparing myself this time; you were right I got too annoyed last time the models tanked on us. I'm emotionally prepared either way now! LOL. I'd have to lean toward the slush though, whenever we're on the line; it seems we're on the wrong side of it. Here's hoping. Thanks again.


rosie 4:28 PM  

Love your blog and forecasts!
I am in NE GA (Blairsville, 2000 ft), Thoughts on snow or ice or anything but cold rain for this area? Thanks!

Anonymous 4:35 PM  

So is this going to be a total bust for Charlotte? Or are things going to turn around? I don't see how the NWS made there call.

Anonymous 5:03 PM  

Matt i was wondering if you think that with the newer model comeing in that GSP will put charlotte under a winter storm warning?

Matthew East 10:42 PM  

Just put some accumulation ideas up. For NE Georgia, I think a period of wintry mix is possible, but it doesn't look like a big deal at first glance. But I will admit I haven't spent nearly as much time looking at that area.

I have no idea how GSP will handle things. They are certainly going to do what they think is right, so if it looks obvious accumulation amounts will be higher, they will ramp up things.

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