Cold air here....weekend wintry weather potential...

>> Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Another push of colder, dry air has arrived, and we will be looking at a lot of upper 40s to lower 50s for highs today and tomorrow. We will see sunshine, although it will be filtered by high clouds at times.

All eyes are on our next storm system, which will begin spreading precip into the region Friday and could extend through much of Saturday.

A cold, dry airmass will be in place initially, so some wintry precip is possible as the precip moves in, especially in the cold air damming regions of the western Carolinas. Then, as upper level energy gets involved, many spots could see the precip flip to snow before ending.

All of this is still very much up in the air. Some modeling keeps the best precip confined to the eastern Carolinas. However, I do think odds are that sombody across our region will see some wintry precip Friday into Saturday.....I will keep working on the forecast.

See the video today....lots of graphics to go along with this....


Anonymous 6:35 AM  

I am looking forward to tracking this storm! Your videos get me through the day. Can't ever remember seeing snow so early in the Carolinas!!! *fingers crossed* Going to be an interesting winter, for sure!

God bless!!!


Anonymous 8:36 AM  

Here we go again...marginal. Just not cold enough for the Piedmont. Maybe toward Virginia but this just looks like all our other "interesting systems". Snow at first, then the cold air isn't is cold as we thought it was. More rain it is. THAT seems to be the trend. Let me guess how next week's system is going to go....

Anyway, thanks Matt I'll keep my ears on. I think I'll take a break until January though!


Matthew East 8:57 AM  

Riff.....Thanks a bunch! Glad you enjoy them! God bless you as well...., you take some emotional swings back and forth....haha. Where are you seeing temps too warm for the Piedmont? They might be, but curious your source....

Anonymous 9:35 AM  

Sorry Matt! I get sucked into these things. The latest NAM and GFS has the 540 line way north until after most of the precip is gone. Projected surface temperatures (everywhere it seems) is above freezing most of the event. NWS in their discussion have stated that the temps are a bit too warm for anything other than rain. Just seems like everything gets warmer the closer we get. NAM really shows a warmer solution I believe. Maybe I'm off on that.

Bring me back in Matt! But thanks again for keeping us in the loop; can't get what you give us anywhere else!


Matthew East 11:29 AM  

Brad, latest guidance continues to show an increasing potential for wintry weather in the western Carolinas. See the latest post...

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