Friday morning....

>> Friday, December 18, 2009

I am out of the office this morning, but I am pouring over all of the data this morning and will have some updated thoughts for you in a bit. Triad area....looks big. Charlotte is again right on the fence.....6z GFS soundings are a touch warm, but the 6z NAM sounding were surprisingly cold.

More in a bit....


Anonymous 9:30 AM  

Looks like from the latest NAM and GFS (6Z), the snow line is up on I-40 most of the event. Charlotte changes over later tonight with limited QPF. I think CLT misses this party.

Next week's potential system seems to have turned into a Great Lakes Cutter on the GFS and pushes a cold front and rain on the 24th.

So it goes, just a shame though with all this possibility, so many chances, we keep swinging and missing. Good thing though winter doesn't even start till Monday!!


Anonymous 9:35 AM  

Ok, let me take that back Matt. 12Z NAM is COLD. Is it just me or is Charlotte completely north of the 540 line through the event? That's all snow isn't it? I wonder if that's a possibility Matt?

I see I'm not going to get much done today :)


Gastonwxman 9:50 AM  

Heavy sleet and a few flakes of snow fell earlier, around 9:30. Gastonia

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