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>> Friday, December 18, 2009

Well, the snow is really piling up in much of the Triad area. This will indeed big a very significant for much of the Triad region.

In the Charlotte region, a mixture of sleet and freezing rain, with some snow mixed in, has been prevalent across Gaston, Cleveland, southern Iredell, and northern Meck counties. In northern Cleveland county and northern Iredell county, the snow is really piling up.

For the rest of the evening, a band of heavier precip will likely develop in a general west-east fashion somewhere across western NC and possibly extreme northern SC. Assuming this band does develop, that is when the Charlotte areas portion of I-85 would have the best chance of seeing some snow. But I have to tell you....confidence is low from where I sit.

To see snow, the southern Piedmont will have to have this persistent warm layer of air aloft shift southward. Most modeling has indicated that will happen this evening, and I am pretty sure it will. However, the band of precip must develop as expected as well.

As expected, this system has produced a very tight gradient between significant snow and not much snow. Again, lots of snow is on the ground as I type in northern Cleveland county and northern Iredell county.

Let's see how the rest of this system plays out.

Remember, it is not even winter yet. I think this is just one of multiple wintry weather chances the region will see.


Anonymous 7:27 PM  

0.2" of slush in the Raleigh area...

Ben 7:55 PM  

we have a little bit under an inch here in Chapel Hill... when it gets heavy it changes to snow and then back to sleet when the intensity backs off a little bit...

You think that snow band could pay us a visit?

Anonymous 8:14 PM  


Do you see the dry slot the NWS is talking about that is going to kill in the Triad by 2am Saturday morning?


Anonymous 10:16 PM  

No snow what so ever in South Charlotte For area south of uptown this Strom will be remember as a big cold Rain storm .This Strom Grade is a big B = Bust

Anonymous 10:49 PM  

Bust #1 of many.

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