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>> Friday, December 18, 2009

All right, I have cut a video, but it is having trouble rendering here on the home computer. Hopefully it will work.

In the meantime, here is the rough accumulation map I drew up. There is big bust potential carved into this system both ways. This is a system where a lot of the precip type and accumulations will depend on precipitation rates, which is directly related to dynamics. So, literally, big differences will likely occur from neighborhood to neighborhood. This map is just a rough estimate....there will be higher and lower amounts in each area outlined.


Anonymous 10:17 AM  

Here in the east side of Matthews Meck. Union co. line, the temp as fallen 3 degrees in about one hour. We have also had sleet with snow mixed in.

Anonymous 10:57 AM  

So, would Kannapolis be included in the 3-7" or more towards the 2-6"?

Anonymous 11:05 AM  

Does this include the 12Z data? It seems like we could get a much bigger hit (into SC and GA too) if that information could verify. Is the wedge stronger than than previously thought? Thanks.


Anonymous 12:06 PM  

Matthew.. any ideas when the change over to snow should happen in Cleveland Co? It is only rain/sleet right now.. should I be worried? :)


Tyler Legg 12:24 PM  

The CLT MOS data is suggesting 4" of snow....Don't know if I'm reading this right or not...

Matthew East 12:47 PM  

Yes, it is a really fine line, and it is just way too difficult for nailing it down to each back yard. There are going to be some impressive totals, and there are going to be some disappointed people as well. Impossible to draw those lines right now.

DoubleJ 1:59 PM  

Matthew, are your thoughts going forward the rest of the day, about the same as they were this morning. Its basically a cold rain right now, but the overall feeling was rush hour tonight could be a mess with some heavy stuff, are you still thinking that? Thanks.

Anonymous 4:37 PM  


Do you see the dry slot the NWS is talking about that is going to kill in the Triad by 2am Saturday morning?


Anonymous 5:36 PM  

Matthew This storm for south Charlotte has turn out a big time bust.It there any thing for Snow lover in south Charlotte to keep on for the next week that we might get snow in South Charlotte.Snow is Great Cold rain is not fun

Anonymous 5:36 PM  

Just not happening for Charlotte. Getting a sleet/rain mix (mostly rain) in North Charlotte here but that's it. Haven't really seen any snow at all. Pretty good coating of sleet though; just enough to make driving a bit more interesting.

Looks like the moisture will be gone in a few hours. I guess the NWS knew what they were doing! No storm; just an advisory.


DoubleJ 7:09 PM  

Might have gotten another inch of rain. Since we are not getting snow, I kind of wish it would dry out. Oh well, good to know this is December, and we still got plenty of time, thanks Matthew, you guys do a great job.

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