Major winter storm in the works.....

>> Thursday, December 17, 2009

Latest modeling trends continue to indicate the potential for a significant winter storm around the Carolinas tomorrow into Saturday morning.

Still some questions to work out dealing with specifics, especially moisture up in the 'snow growth' region Friday night, but all in all, this looks like a pretty big deal along and north and west of I-85.

At this point, I expect precip to move in tomorrow morning around Charlotte and at the latest by early afternoon for the Triad and Triangle. Initially, a lot of the precip will be snow. However, some warmer air aloft will work in by tomorrow night, and some spots will see a mix of sleet and snow....and possible freezing rain.

I am not yet confident enough for specific amounts....I like to make a call and stick with it unless forced to change. However, I will say again.....along and to the north and west of I-85, this looks like a big-ticket event. Significant accumulations of snow and sleet look likely.


Anonymous 6:54 AM  

Hey Matt, What time do you think the precip. is gonna move in (I live in Shelby) Do you think the schools will be closed Friday?

Gerald 9:01 AM  



LOL..I will quit singing now..

Anonymous 9:04 AM  

Dr. East some of the models are beginning to show that even places south of I-85 see a good snowfall. I am in Matthews. If this storm tracks right along the coast could this be true?

Susanna 11:53 AM  

Hi Matthew,
Thanks for keeping us up-to-date. We keep News 14 on at work all day long. You do a great job! Thanks for being such a great testimony too! Hope you have a wonderful christmas with your family!
Oh yeah, and let it snow, let it snow, let it snow! :)

Anonymous 11:53 AM  


Is it just me or does this storm have a lot of similarities with the February 2004 storm?? I think that we could kinda have a copy cat storm!

Anonymous 12:05 PM  

Dr. East

I to am beginning to notice that this storm is a lot like the Feb 2004 storm. I hope this is the case, because everyone would win. It looks like the models are getting colder and snowier with every model run. It looks like Charlotte and even Union and Anson and maybe into SC may also get some action. What do you think??

Michael 12:13 PM  

Thank you for the forecast Matt and even more for your public faith in Jesus Christ

Anonymous 1:09 PM  

hey matthew,

seems a couple of stations are jumping on the "heavier" side of things even for the charlotte region. track seems a little more east and a couple of stations are forecasting 4-6" even for charlotte. do you think this is over-hyped or are you seeing eveidence we may have a bigger event as well? thanks

Anonymous 1:26 PM  

this may only be just a taste of christmas eve :)

Anonymous 2:14 PM  

do you anticipate the watch to be expanded south and east and possibly the charlotte area and points north and west upgraded to a winter storm warning with the track of the storm shifting a little more south and east?

Anonymous 3:27 PM  

Any updated thoughts? NWS is backing off saying it's just a slushy mess for Charlotte...snow, to rain, to sleet, etc. No WSW, just an advisory. Looks like now it's more of a foothills/mountains/North I-40 storm. Models backing off temperatures?


Anonymous 3:28 PM  

Matt is there any chance that area in South Mack would get 4-6 to inches

Anonymous 4:05 PM  

Matt i guess with GSP not want to put Charlotte under a Winter Storm warning I guess this storm will be a bust for charlotte

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