Cold air coming....weekend storm system potential...

>> Tuesday, December 15, 2009

We are squeezing in a mild day today with highs up toward the lower 60s in many Piedmont locations. However, another big push of arctic air is invading the US, and that colder air will settle in here tonight.

Highs tomorrow and Thursday will only be in the upper 40s to lower 50s with lows dipping down toward the upper 20s. Look for lots of sunshine tomorrow and Thursday as well.

Things then get interesting as we head into the weekend. An area of low pressure will ride from the Gulf of Mexico to off of the Carolina coast. The big question mark is whether or not that low will get an influx of energy from the northern stream. Most modeling today is indicating that potential. If that is the case, somebody in the Southeast stands a good chance of seeing some wintry precip, likely snow, over the weekend.

This is still in the question mark category, but odds seem to be increasing that the interior Carolinas could see at least some snow over the weekend. However, if the low doesn't phase with the northern stream, any wintry precip opportunities are quite limited. So we shall see. Stay tuned....

Obviously, tons of good stuff in today's video....give it a look!


GERALD 10:24 AM  

Matthew is it time to start singing..



Anonymous 11:15 AM  

Nobody (NWS, local mets, even Jeff) aren't picking up on this. It seems like they're buying into the GFS and everything staying south and east.

Are we having to bank on the GFS having and SE bias and eventually they'll come into line with the EURO and JMA? It seems like it's a model war and everybody is taking sides with the GFS.


Matthew East 11:21 AM  

Sing it Gerald!

Brad, 12z gfs is now showing the phasing I discussed today.

Anonymous 11:43 AM  

Sweet! Let the wonderful hype begin! I'm going right now to buy local stock in Pet Dairy products and Merita breads. Buy low, sell high!!

You know I don't remember snow ever before the Christmas holiday around here. I remember the ice, but never a snow event. I wonder if this would be the first in a while?


Anonymous 3:45 PM  

wow...gfs is getting all hot and heavy with snow in the piedmont this weekend...seems to be becoming more likely by the minute lol

Anonymous 7:27 PM  

Wish it could be a White Christmas in NE GA, thoughts on this area for this weekend? Thanks!

Anonymous 7:34 PM  

gfs getting all hot and heavy for sat....bring it on!

Anonymous 9:09 PM  


looking at the models im starting to notice some similarities to the feb 2004 storm. do you notice this at all?

Anonymous 10:08 PM  

Thanks Matt,
The last several systems the cold air just couldn't hang on for any type of frozen precipitation. With this event it still looks like we could be borderline rain/snow. Does it look like the cold air will stay around this time? The models always tease us in the medium range with that DARK BLUE line, then closer to the event, it shifts north! What's different with this storm? Thanks.


Matthew East 6:15 AM  

Overall confidence remains low, but I do think somebody around the region winds up with some wintry precip Friday into Saturday. Just don't know many specifics yet.

Will look into 2004 today.....

Thanks for the comments folks!

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