More model guidance favoring a winter storm....

>> Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The latest model guidance coming in has continued the overnight trend of ramping up the prospects of a significant bout with wintry weather in portions of the Carolinas. Please refer to the video below....that was before a lot of the latest guidance was in, but it still has value in putting some graphics with what we are talking about.

It is still just a tad too early for any real specifics, but odds are increasing that somebody in the western Carolinas, and possible central NC, will have significant wintry weather Friday into Saturday.

All forms of wintry precip are possible, but this is taking the shape of a classic Gulf of Mexico "Miller A" winter storm. Often times this means there will be areas that see heavy snow, then as you travel eastward, there is a transition zone where mixing of precip types occurs, and then eventually far enough eastward, it is all rain.

Bottom line is people need to pay attention to this one, especially along and north and west of I-85. As always, we are right on the line with this one.

I will try to post some more thoughts later today, and I of course will have full load of information in tomorrow morning's video and blog post.


Unknown 12:42 PM  

We really appreciate your updates!! You make the winter fun for us snow lovers whether we get snow or not! It's fun just to track it. Have a great day!

Gastonwxman 12:48 PM  

Very interesting indeed. Miller A's have and always will be our friends for snow events around here. :) I, for one, can't wait for this weekend. It's been quite a while since we've had snow occur early in December. Do you think that with a trend like this, this event will be similar to the March snowstorm from earlier this year?

Anonymous 1:11 PM  

Thanks Matt,
What more could we ask for? It's like we've got our own personal meteorologist. I feel like I should be paying you! Check's in the mail.


Preston 1:13 PM  

I love the attention to detail when you explain the models. I wonder, do you focus on a certain part of NC? If so do you at all harp on WNC? Again thank you providing this informative service and God Bless!

Anonymous 1:31 PM  

Hey Matt what are the newer models beginning to show now? Yesterday some of the models showed a 6-8 inch snow event. I watched the video but was curious to know if that is still a possibility??

Anonymous 1:33 PM  

Thanks and I can't wait to see how this pans out. I'm in Stokes County, a Virginia border county, am hoping for something to play in this weekend!

Anonymous 1:52 PM  

so matthew, im looking at the models too but im a bit confused...are you saying that indications are leaning towards a more significant winter storm for the charlotte region. this one definately has potential!

Anonymous 1:56 PM  

It seems the weather activity so far this winter is right on course with the prediction/outlook you have posted earlier this season. Thank you for all you do and keeping all of us well updated with all that's upcoming. I enjoy reading your blog esp. when it comes to what might seem like a potential storm, like the one this weekend. Please keep up the good work.


Anonymous 3:06 PM  

Matt if it does Snow in Charlotte .Could this storm turn out to be like the march of 04 Snowstorm where one part of Charlotte the airport area got 13inches While south Charlotte got 21 inches??

Ben 4:14 PM  

5-ish miles from I-85 in Orange County... cue the snow dance!

Anonymous 5:27 PM  

Any news Matthew? I'm hoping its good. The NAM still shows a significant winter storm for Charlotte. Jeff has totally changed his as to where the we loose yet again. I'm hoping that things come back around.

Anonymous 6:09 PM  

Matthew are you going to post another blog tonight? I always love hearing what you have to say!!

Matthew East 6:59 PM  

I appreciate all of the kind words folks!

All trends today have been toward this being a significant event, especially along and north and west of I-85. But we have another day of model trends ahead....

Just put a quick evening blog post up....give it a look.

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