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>> Tuesday, March 02, 2010

For the western Carolinas, the event is winding down. In the Piedmont, the Triad region was the big winner in terms of snow amounts. 5" on the ground in Surry County....at least 2-3" for much of the rest of the viewing area. We will see what transpires in RDU and points eastward tonight.

Much of the Charlotte region and the Upstate got the short end of the stick in terms of accumulations. A dusting to and inch for some, but overall, the accumulations were disappointing in that part of the region. Still some more minor accumulations could occur east and south of I-85 for a little while longer this evening.

It looks like for the Charlotte region, the combination of the snow falling during the day and surface temps only dipping to 34 degrees or so through the day really hurt accumulations. The Triad did ok, and temps hovered around 33 much of the day there. That degree can mean the difference in grassy accumulations and nothing.

As always, I will take a look at the accumulation totals in tomorrow morning's video and blog post and see how everything turned out. I never hide from my forecast....and I will publicly critique it as always.

I want to take a moment and give a big thank you for following the blog and videos. It is humbling to me that you take the time to stop by. Keep on stopping by even though the winter season is winding down. We always have some interesting weather to talk about, if not here then somewhere close by. I will keep the daily posts and video going as always right through the warm weather season.....we will have severe weather, flooding, and the tropics to discuss among other things. So, if you have an interest in the weather, don't be a stranger!


Felipe Snark 7:53 PM  

Thank you for taking the time to explain complex weather events in such an easy to understand way. I will certainly be following your blog through the warm season and look forward to more interesting weather in the region!

Anonymous 7:58 PM  

any glimmer of hope for any more winter wx?

Anonymous 8:03 PM  

hi matt, you have done an amazing job this winter and i personally do not believe we are done. i look forward to tracking spring storms and the tropics with your blog as warer air gets involved in the changing systems and wacky NC.

Unknown 8:46 PM  

Matt, I really enjoy your videos and try to learn from them. Thanks for taking the time! Takes you way more time to make them than it does for us to check them out! :)

Susanna 10:16 PM  

I'll definitely be sticking around, Matthew! You're my favorite "weather guy" to follow, and I've even got my dad calling me up asking what your forecast is some days. :) You do a great job breaking it down for those of us who don't understand weather stuff, and I've actually learned a little from watching you discuss the models! It has been a great winter, and while it's not quite over officially, I'm very grateful for the snow we've gotten, and look forward to keeping up with the weather from your daily forecasts and videos! Thanks again, and God bless!

Anonymous 12:46 AM  

ll definitely be sticking around.I have been reading your blog and watching your great video since you have create this blog.Hopefully we are not done with winter just yet.Because if we are .Then for south Charlotte this was kind of a bad winter

Matthew East 6:34 AM  

Wow, thank you all so much for your kinds words. I really appreciate it....means a lot!

Can't rule out another small chance for wintry precip down the line, but not for the next week or so, and obviously we are pretty late in the season.

Thanks for checking in and spreading the word!

Anonymous 7:52 AM  

Thanks for everything Matt. Looking forward to spring!!

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