Quick afternoon hit.....

>> Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Lots of big, beautiful snowflakes falling around the region this afternoon. Really a nice sight.

The snow is having a really tough time accumulating due to the early March sun angle and temps just above freezing. So, I have a feeling this is really going to cut into the snow accumulations in a lot of places.

So, hopefully, for the folks wanting accumulations, you will get what you want. If nothing else, at least we got to see some beautiful daytime snow.....


Anonymous 2:12 PM  

Matt, what are your thoughts in Eastern North Carolina? Dynamics shift our way tonight and cold air also. What do you think?

Anonymous 2:53 PM  

Well, so it goes Matt. Just not cold enough. See you in December!! Thanks for the memories:)LOL


Jeremy 3:28 PM  

Ground is good and covered in Rockingham County, up on the VA state line. Roads are turning white and getting slick. Still snowing pretty hard too. Not bad for the (probably) last snow.

Matthew East 5:18 PM  

Yeah, we will see what can happen in eastern NC as the dynamics shift that way.

Jeremy, glad you got some accumulations up that way!

Brad, don't dessert me now! Come on now, if you like weather, I can find some cool stuff to point out and show you during the warm season!

Gerald 6:26 PM  


In Mayberry 5 more inches today.. since december we've had almost 3 feet.

Jeremy 6:38 PM  

3"+ in Rockingham County, NC already! This brings our season total to well over 2 feet. Still falling hard. Can't see the grass at all and roads are completely covered. Trees are loaded down. Wish we could post pics here.

Matthew East 7:18 PM  

Gerald and Jeremy...I am glad you guys did well today....quite a winter up for northwestern NC for sure. That is awesome....

Jonathan (Hickory, NC) 7:21 PM  

Well, we finally got some snow on the ground. We have a good dusting (1/4 to 1/2 inch) that accumulated from about 4:00 to 5:30 this evening. It was amazing to see it snow all day since 10:30 and only have a dusting, though.

My family went driving through rural parts of Alexander and Caldwell counties this evening, and there were definitely more accumulations up there near the Brushy Mountains. It was really beautiful to see as it weighed down all the trees; it was a very heavy wet snow.

I guess this is probably it for the winter, but maybe we can be surprised later in March. We'll see, I guess. Thanks again for all the updates and keeping the populace (at least, us weather geeks!) informed.

Matthew East 7:22 PM  

Jonathan....sounds like a fun ride! Who knows, we might find a surprise somewhere before we plunge into Spring.

No problem...thanks for reading!

Anonymous 7:30 PM  

matt, i live in hyde county and we are actually getting thunderstorms! this is wacky north carolina! do you think we could change over to snow tonight and we get a little accumulation?

Matthew East 7:38 PM  

Wow, what a system! Your area is tough....you stand a decent chance of seeing some wrap-around stuff, but I wouldn't bet the farm on it.....

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