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>> Tuesday, March 02, 2010

I can not remember a tougher snow accumulation forecast off-hand. The entire atmosphere across much of the region is sub-freezing until you get down to the surface and just above. Because of that above freezing air near the ground, it will take some heavier rates of precip to get the precip to be snow and not rain, at least initially.

As of now, I am not making any huge changes to my going forecast, but I have changed the orientation of the accumulation areas a bit. For the Triad, Charlotte and into the foothills, I will go with 2-4" with some locally higher amounts, mainly northwest of I-85.

Around RDU, especially just east of there, right up through northeastern NC I have another area of 2-4". From Atlanta to Columbia along I-40 and points north I have 2-4" as well. Most other areas are in the dusting to 2" category.

There will likely be a strip that sees in excess of 4 or even 5 inches, but where that sets up is still very tricky. Other areas that do not get the heavier rates of precip will have a tough time seeing accumulations at all. See the video for details.

It will be cold and breezy tomorrow, and temps remain in the 40s for highs through Friday. Warmer weather rolls in this weekend and early next week.


Jonathan (Hickory, NC) 6:18 AM  

Hi Matthew-

Something seems to be wrong with the video this morning (or maybe it's my computer!). I get the message "An error occurred" when trying to access the video this morning. I'll keep trying.

Jonathan (Hickory, NC) 6:24 AM  

OK, it's working now. It must've been my computer. Sorry. Thanks for the updated forecast, and bring on the snow!

Anonymous 9:31 AM  


snow flurries here in west charlotte. not even heavy just light snow flurries maybe the lower atmosphere is cold enough after all?

Anonymous 9:36 AM  

Good morning Matt. I'm sure you're all over it today, let us know.

Just "not feeling the snow love" as Jeff would say. 39 now and will probably climb some before the precipitation sets in. I just don't think it's cold enough to stick. Maybe a lot of pretty flakes but I'm not sure we can get real accumulations.


Anonymous 11:30 AM  

Looks like the BOMBING is happening a little further south and this might turn into a major event! What do you all think!?!?!?

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