Visible satellite shot of the snow...

>> Sunday, January 31, 2010


Doctor Ernst 2:48 PM  

Awesome pic, Matt. No matter what anyone says, you did a great job with this storm. Some people expect the forecast to mean precisely what will happen in their backyard. It's a "forecast", i.e. a prediction based on the available data being interpreted by a human being. Nature and God always has a plan that may or may not be what we expect. If we always knew what was in store for us, we'd miss out on some wonderful surprises.

Matthew East 7:17 PM  

I appreciate it! I will compare that actual map vs. my accumulation map, likely in tomorrow morning's video. We will see how it all panned out.

And I have always said, if we always knew exactly how it would pan out, it would be boring!

Tarheelhombre 11:59 PM  

Great job Matthew. Get some rest, you might need it for later this week. Take this with a GRAIN of salt, but the 0z GFS destroys NC/Va for the weekend storm.... snows along the coast the entire weekend

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