Chilly, rainy day today....

>> Tuesday, February 02, 2010

While a brief period of freezing rain remains possible this morning, temps will slowly warm through the 30s today while rain chances continue. Highs will range from the mid 30s to lower 40s.

The showers will end this evening, and temps will likely drop just below freezing in many spots overnight. So again, some slick spots are likely tomorrow morning.

We remain in a very active weather pattern, and our next system will approach by Thursday night. This is a complex storm system with lots of details still to be resolved, but the overall trend for this one on a lot of the modeling over the past day or so has been a warmer one. Again, nothing set in stone yet. Some wintry precip could occur in some Piedmont spots as the precip begins, and then maybe Saturday with some upper level energy. But it could very well wind up that most of the precip with this one falls as rain for a majority of the area. We shall see....

It looks pretty chilly early next week, and the storm track will remain active.


Anonymous 8:24 AM  

Well, what do you know another rain producing system, NC is just not the place for winter weather...only a couple of years before I can move to PA!!!!!!!

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