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>> Monday, February 01, 2010

We get a quiet day today with lots of sunshine and highs in the 40s. So, the melting process will continue today. However, we are in a pattern loaded with storm systems, and the next one will approach tonight.

Depending on when the precip arrives, there could be a brief period of freezing rain in some Piedmont sections very late tonight into early tomorrow morning. If that occurs, this will not be a damaging ice event. However, it could aggravate the driving conditions early tomorrow morning. We then see a chilly rain linger for much of tomorrow.

Later this week, a complex system will approach by Thursday night and could linger into Saturday. It is too early for any real confidence in that one, but it could involve some wintry weather, especially at the beginning and end of the event.

And don't look now, but the pattern for a while here in February continues to be loaded with potential with storm system, cold air, and a pretty suppressed storm track.


Anonymous 8:52 AM  

So do you think that if this storm does develop, storms in the gulf will rob the moisture? What chances are you giving on it to be Winter Storm Warning criteria for Iredell?

Anonymous 10:09 AM  

Thanks for all your work Matt. You guys did a great job forecasting where the cutoff snow line was going to be I think....unfortunately it was right at Charlotte again! The 850 line wound up right where the models said it would be. Charlotte did get the low end of your forecast though so pretty good; we hit the target Too bad the storm dried up a bit or this could have been memorable. Anyway, what a fun winter day it was on Saturday, cold, flurries/sleet and 25 degrees with 3 inches on the ground. It was fun.

This weekend I cheat and go to Boone. Any chance for a big storm up there this weekend Matt?


Susanna 12:55 PM  

Matthew, first of all, thanks for the wonderful job of keeping us up-to-date on forecasts! I check your blog every day, and look forward to the weekday videos, and I recommend your blog to everyone! Thanks for keeping us informed!
Secondly, I have a question that I was wondering about today, and I thought I'd ask you. What happens to make one snow a wet one, and another snow a drier type of powder? It's all snow, but they can always turn out so differently. I was curious what happens in the atmosphere or clouds or wherever that determines it.
Thanks again for your hard work!

Anonymous 3:25 PM  

hey matthew, u might wanta let jeff know that ppl are getting virus hits since he started the live chat...i would tell him, but i dont wanna risk it. thanks! hopefully this weekend pans out!

Anonymous 3:56 PM  

Matt, I agree with the last entry on the virus coming from the live chat on jeff's site. I got hit twice over the weekend on my pc at home. i was able to remove them both.

Matthew East 5:45 AM  

It is really impossible to tell the Gulf convection aspect of systems before it is actually happening....always tricky.

Brad, thanks! Boone could wind up with some decent snow out of that one at some point...if nothing else, then with the upper level energy Saturday.

Susanna, no problem, and thanks! Wet snow vs. dry snow all has to do with how cold temperatures are aloft in the atmosphere. The colder the temps are aloft, the less total moisture there is, so therefore, you get drier snowflakes. Does that make sense?

I think Jeff corrected the problem....

Susanna 12:13 AM  

Thanks, Matthew! Yes, that makes plenty of sense. Now I don't have to wonder every time it snows. :) Thanks again!

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