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>> Monday, December 07, 2009

I am off today, thus no video for today.

Last night was my oldest daughter's kids choir Christmas musical. They did a fantastic job, and we had a great time.

All in all, we are closing in on Christmas....and it is approaching at a quicker pace than I think a lot of folks are ready for. I love this time of year, and a relish every moment of it. As a kid, it seemed like the time between Thanksgiving and Christmas equaled years. However, now as an adult, with kids of my own, it seems there are not enough days during the Christmas season to get all of the things done you would like to get done. So we take the approach of trimming down our plans to only the things we really want to do and really focus on enjoying the season with one another.

In terms of the weather, we have a big storm system that will roll through mid-week that will bring us rain. Behind that system, true arctic air will move in by Thursday. This is the real deal in terms of arctic air. The models, as you might expect, are not in complete agreement, but it sure looks like we have a good chance of precip overrunning that dome of cold, dry air around Saturday. There is certainly some wintry weather potential in the big the threat is remain a question mark, but it has my interesting piqued.

I will be back in the office tomorrow, and I will have a new edition of the video posted by 6am.


Anonymous 1:30 PM  

Enjoy the family time Matt! I know since my 4 year old was born time literally seems to fly.

Looking forward to your discussion. I don't know what is more fun, the discussion and expectation of a possible winter weather event or the actual event?!


NWFB32 6:46 PM  

Amen to the christmas comment... I remember counting the minutes to christmas starting after thanksgiving... Now it seems as if Christmas is the day after thanksgiving. It comes so fast!! Hope this little system plays out for us next saturday!!! Gonna pull up some models and keep track all week!!! Keep us informed, but I know you will as you always do!!!

Matthew East 5:52 AM  

Thanks Brad......I appreciate it! You are right....often times it is like fishing....the fun is sometimes in hunting down and tracking the systems...haha. But I would like the real thing every now and then!

Kyle....time flies, especially this time of year. Will do!

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