Rain moving in.....watching Saturday....

>> Tuesday, December 08, 2009

A powerful storm system is rolling through the nation today and tomorrow. For our area, we will see rain arrive this afternoon and end tomorrow morning. The heaviest rain will occur tonight, and some rumbles of thunder could occur late tonight or tomorrow morning.

Much colder air will plunge in here by Thursday, and that will set the stage for a potential winter weather event Saturday. See the video for details....


Anonymous 11:32 AM  

Thanks for the analysis. What's your comparison between this week's storm and last weeks? It seemed last week's called for some snow mix but it didn't pan out at all (sun came out). Do you see this happening with this system this weekend? From the models it looks like most of the moisture goes south of us and the temps are marginal, just on the freezing line. Thanks.


DoubleJ 11:36 AM  

Matthew, is Saturday something that could turn into a major ice storm? I like winter weather, but not sure I'm ready for that, Thanks.

Parker 11:43 AM  

Hey Matt,

Do you think we might actually have a white Christmas this year? Are the models leaning toward a big snow event for NC?

Matthew East 5:02 PM  

Brad....totally different set up. This weekend is a cold air damming scenario. Surface temps are what to watch for with this one.....2m temps. The 850mb 0 line will be well north of any potential freezing rain area.

DoubleJ....I doubt 'major'.....but it could be significant.

While there is not skill in determining for sure whether or not we will have a white Christmas, I think odds are the highest they have been in a while for the Southeast.

DoubleJ 6:48 PM  

Thanks Matthew. Kind of hoping this doesn't pan out, cause I don't like ice at all. Love snow, hate ice.

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