In the grips of an arctic airmass....period of freezing rain possible Saturday evening/ night

>> Friday, December 11, 2009

Temps plunged into the 20s this morning, and not only is the air cold, it is extremely dry. Dewpoint temps are in the single digits and could very well dip below zero at times today. That is dry!

Only low to mid 40s today, low to mid 20s for lows tonight, and then we watch for precip to approach late tomorrow and tomorrow night.

Still lots of question marks, but I still think the I-85 corridor could see at least a brief period of freezing rain tomorrow evening into tomorrow night. I don't anticipate a major event, but a glazing of trees and power lines and other elevated surfaces is possible in some spots.


Anonymous 9:17 AM  

Thanks. However I'm confused. Nobody is forecasting our temperatures to get at or below freezing Saturday night. How are we going to get freezing rain? Sounds like a cold, cold rain again.

I'll check back the week of the 21st, hopefully that system will be our next opportunity.


Matthew East 9:19 AM  

Some spots will likely dip to or just below the freezing mark in the western Piedmont or foothills....assuming the precip gets in here soon enough.

Anonymous 8:44 PM  

What are your thinkings about Shelby?

Matthew East 7:46 AM  

Sleet and rain mixture later this afternoon, brief period of freezing rain this evening, then a cold, soaking rain overnight.

It is close though...

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