Brief wintry mix possible

>> Saturday, December 12, 2009

A cold, dry airmass remain in place around the region today. Clouds will continue to thicken today, and highs will struggle to make it toward the 40 degree mark.

Precip will begin to spread in late this afternoon, and for the I-85 corridor, I anticipate a period of sleet and rain before kicking over to all rain. As the rain settles in, temps in many spots will drop to around the freezing mark before slowly warming overnight. However, I don't think the I-85 corridor will see any overly significant icing. Once you travel into the foothills, the potential for icing is much higher.

It is a close call, and we will have to watch temperature and radar trends carefully as we head into this evening.

Rain will exit tomorrow morning, but some drizzle will linger with highs in the low to mid 40s.

Monday will be much milder and dry, and then rain arrives again Tuesday.


Anonymous 8:10 AM  

What are your thoughts for extreme western Iredell county.

Anonymous 9:25 AM  

When it changes to rain will it melt any ice accumulation?

Matthew East 9:34 AM  

If you do get below freezing there, you would hang onto that sub-freezing temp longer than say, Charlotte. But otherwise about the same....brief period of freezing rain, then rain.

Yes, the rain would wash away any ice accumulation.

Anonymous 10:05 AM  

I live in Shelby and do you think if we see any ice accumulation that power outages could be a problem?

Kim 1:00 PM  

With the NAO tanking & the cold air coming in & out-there must be some blocking-but not the right kind-Any clues to what blocking there is going on now OR any signs blocking will change for the cold air to stay for awhile? We need a cold HP to our north & NE winds.These recent cold HP are sliding off coast.....

Anonymous 8:30 PM  

its snowing in shelby

Anonymous 8:09 AM  

well. West of Statesville, where I live, ended up with a coating of ice an it's still drizzling! It's 32 now, but will probably rise one more degree any moment. :( I'm happy we got something out of this storm......eyes on next weekend??

Doctor Ernst 12:33 PM  

I enjoy your blog. It's helpful to have your input into the various forecasts for our area(NC, Southeast). I get the impression that you stay away from "wishcasting" and focus on real possibilities based on your interpretation of the models and their individual strengths/weaknesses. Keep up the great job! Thanks, Matt!

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