Arctic air arriving.....weekend still interesting.

>> Thursday, December 10, 2009

A blast of true arctic air is settling into much of the eastern US, including the Carolinas. This is a very dry and cold airmass, and that could lead to some wintry weather this weekend.

Lots of good stuff in today's video....give it a watch!


Ben 7:45 AM  

Based on that funky map, looks like it might be another Triad/CLT thing.... Triangle left high and dry. Hopefully it'll scoot on over here to Chapel Hill, I know ice is a nuisance, but still, it's better than rain!

Unknown 10:42 AM  

Just curious - If all the stars aligned and it hit with its maximum ice punch, what would it be capable of? Are we talking just slick roads? Or major ice storm? (power outages, etc). Too early to predict of course, but I'm just wondering what's in the realm of possibility.

Matthew East 6:07 AM  

I don't think we are looking at a major ice storm, and I think most of any ice accumulation would be on trees and powerlines. But it bears watching.

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