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>> Wednesday, December 09, 2009

A dynamic storm system is impacting a lot of folks across the eastern US. Our day around here began with most temps in the 30s, heavy rain, thunder, and lightning.

Winds will be a problem today with gusts exceeding 40 and 50mph at times. Some trees and power poles will likely come down due to saturated soils.

Much colder air arrives tonight, and then we are still closely watching the upcoming weekend for a potential wintry mix.


Anonymous 10:25 AM  

Looks like the chocolate can't meet up with the peanut butter for some snowy deliciousness Matt! It's cold and dry but when the moisture comes in from the south the warm air (WAA I guess) wins out. Cold rain it is; freezing or otherwise.

The bad news for me isn't this weekend's marginal event, but next week's big system. It being too warm on the latest runs is a disappointment. Hopefully the models will flip colder in the next couple of days. I had a good feeling about that one. Maybe it was indigestion!


Preston 6:12 PM  

Hey Matt,
Great videos and i love the explanations with each model run. Question...Im up here in the mountains of NC (Sylva) at 2051'. It looks like it will be mostly winter precip for us changing over to rain. My question is, do you think it will change to rain faster for us than when compared to the peidmont, b/c of our cloder porximity to the WAA?

Anonymous 11:14 PM  

So far, as you mentioned in your long range forecast for this winter, you said that we will have colder than normal temps in December, which is currently what we are experiencing. However, usually if that happens to be the case for December, doesn't that follow by a warmer temp for January, or as they call it, "January thaw" or something? Do you see a warm up for January or continue with the cold temp as we start the New Year?


Matthew East 6:03 AM  

Brad, it would be impressive if somehow the Carolinas made it out of the month of December without a winter storm of some sort. Not impossible, but would be impressive.

Preston, I have not looked into the sounding data for the mountains specifically, but a lot of time in wedges, you are right....the higher spots will change over to rain much sooner than the lower spots.

TY, at the moment, for at least the next several weeks, I don't see any prolonged warming period. As December wears on, I will get a better handle as to where the pattern heads in January. The cold will inevitably have to relax at some point, but I don't know when yet.

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