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>> Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Here's today's video.....give it a look.

First of all, our system today is behaving as expected with a weakening system interacting with dry air in our region. Some areas will see some snow flakes or sleet pellets this morning, and over in the mountains and parts of the foothills, it could turn the ground white in some spots. However, this is really a novelty event more than anything else, and this afternoon will just feature some light rain at times.

Tomorrow will be fantastic with sunshine and highs in the lower 60s for many.

Another system then moves through Thursday with rain and a few storms possible across parts of the region.

Weekend system...

I encourage you to watch today's video, docked above. Tons of graphics to go along with this discussion.

Lots of talk about our potential weekend storm system. The quick model rundown...

0z Euro came north a bit the track. At face value, it's a rain producer for most folks outside the mountains and maybe some of the foothills, but could end as some snow elsewhere.

0z Canadian and 0z GFS had a nice track for some snow in parts of the foothills, mountains, and parts of the piedmont.

0z UKMET appears to spread some snow through the upper Southeast as well.

6z GFS has come in much slower and really, quite different aloft with the disturbance as it moves into the Southeast and it really minors it out once again. I would throw it out for the time being.

Couple of things to watch.....the quicker the system moves in, the stronger it could be due to it keeping more spacing between it and the next trough diving in out west.

That trough out west, combined with a low over southeast Canada, will keep the low from heading too far north. In fact, I think the 0z European model today is about as far north as this system can make it.

Way too soon for any specifics, but the players remain on the field for somebody in the region to see some wintry precip. I just can't tell you who yet.


Anonymous 8:32 AM  

Hey Matt,
is there any hope this weekend for the northern coastal plain?

Matthew East 9:14 AM  

There's hope....but I would favor western NC at this early juncture. Don't know yet though.

Anonymous 10:16 AM  

Well, I'm gonna be the lucky one who is coming home from West Virginia who has to drive to Ashe county in the snow. Bound to be a fun trip.

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