System pulling through today....very windy tomorrow....

>> Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Our next system is pulling through the region today. This morning, a little light wintry precip is possible north of I-40 and northwest of I-85, but I don't foresee any big problems with that. The reason is the heavier precip will hold off until this afternoon, and by that time, the atmosphere will support mostly rain outside of the mountains.

So, look for rain at times this afternoon with highs in the mid to upper 30s for the Triad and around 40 for Charlotte.

Some moisture will linger tonight, and as temps drop overnight, that could lead to some areas of freezing drizzle that might slicken things up for the morning commute tomorrow.

The big weather story tomorrow will be wind. All the ingredients are there for a very windy day with winds out of the west and northwest gusting in excess of 40 or 45mph at times. Winds will be even higher in the mountains, and snow will fall in the High Country.

The next system will roll through the South Friday and Friday night. This looks like a suppressed system with the bulk of the precip likely staying south of North Carolina. However, that system does stand a chance of bringing snow to places like Jackson, Mississippi over through Birmingham and Montgomery to Atlanta and Columbia.

Things look fairly cold and dry through the weekend into next week. Some weak system could swing through at times, but the more significant southern branch systems will likely stay to our south for a while through the mid-month period.

I don't see an end in sight to the overall colder pattern over the eastern U.S.


Anonymous 6:37 AM  

Who cares about a "pattern" if it is not delivering significant snow? I am so sick of this lack of snow. What a depressing nonsnow weather regime this has been. I can't wait to move to DC later this year.

Anonymous 7:54 AM  

oh matt, any time i hear suppression it hurts! maybe the models will begin a northward trend and if not, maybe we will get a blizzard near march!

Anonymous 10:53 AM  

This winter has been so cruel. I am so sad.

Anonymous 12:11 PM  

SO no more snow for the northern NC NW of Raleigh for a while though i do like the 12z GFS at the end of the run a whopper of a snowstorm for us. Chris

DoubleJ 1:17 PM  

Way to be a poor sport Anon. Some people on here really don't deserve to see any snow. When you move to DC, snow will be gone.

Anonymous 1:56 PM  

Not to hype or anything, but it looks like the EURO and Canadaian now turn the low up the East Coast, giving Eastern NC a chance of snow.Anyone else see this?


Lukas 2:38 PM  

This lack of snow has been so cruel. So has been so close, yet nothing to show for it. Why do we keep getting warm air advection problems despite this being such a cold winter? Can't we get one juicy storm where we retain the cold aloft to get snow? Warm air advection is our enemy; what will it take to get a situation where it doesn't show up during a storm?

Anonymous 3:21 PM  

It is kinda sad when you think about it....very cold and wet pattern all winter only to get either cold OR wet; hardly anything put together for Charlotte. It's like continuously clanging 50 yard field goals off the goal close and pretty yet ZERO points!

I remember asking a MET student in the UNCC building if we were going to get snow one year and he said there was much debate over which was more snowy historically....El Nino winters or winters after El Nino years. Maybe we'll answer that next year!


Anonymous 4:46 PM  

I agree that the pattern of cold air and all these storms being mostly liquid is quite disappointing. I say if it's not going to snow, let spring begin!

Anonymous 6:39 PM  

I don't think CLT gets much snow afterall... for next winter, my family and I may have to plan a trip to VA, WV or MD to catch their snowstorm. : - )

Tyler Legg 9:24 PM  

Just wait guys...The GFS is really struggling with the system this weekend. A lot of the other modeling is in our favor....Winter is NOT over yet!!

Anonymous 9:30 PM  

WE are witnessing CLT snowlovers in meltdown mode. So much snow so close to us in VA and DC has us all about to jump off the cliff.

Anonymous 9:57 PM  

Dear Tar Heel Fly Fishing,
Maybe you are right... if you go to AccuWeather site, Frank Strait does have some encouraging news for NC... I hope he is right... just have to wait and see what Mother Nature decides to do... maybe she might decide to throw us a surprise...?

Anonymous 10:15 PM  

Yeah, Frank Strait from Accuweather believes GFS is pushing this storm too far south and seems to think it will make it far enough north that even Raleigh will see snow according to the other models.

Matthew East 5:41 AM  

Guys....GFS looks like garbage still, but it is adjusting northward. I am more in line with the Euro...maybe even Canadian.

See the new post and video today. Thanks for all of the comments. Trust me, I am a snow lover too....I feel your pain.

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