Next system rolls in by tomorrow morning...

>> Monday, February 08, 2010

Our active storm track continues, and our next system is causing snow this morning in parts of Arkansas and Tennessee. Ahead of the system, I expect a lot of clouds with highs in the low to mid 40s.

The precipitation could arrive as soon as the pre-dawn hours tomorrow, and if it does, it could initially be a little snow or sleet, especially north of I-40. However, the temps aloft warm quickly, and by daybreak or soon after tomorrow, the precip would be either rain or freezing rain.

For the Charlotte region, this looks like rain with temps above freezing, although in the 30s for much of the event.

For the Triad and point north and west, a period of freezing rain looks possible tomorrow morning before most spots should warm above freezing. I don't anticipate big problems with this, but we will watch it.

Wednesday looks sunny but very windy as a cold airmass blows in here. In fact, highs will likely struggle to make it into the lower 40s for much of the next week with lots of 20s for lows.

Our next potential system is Friday and Friday night. This one looks to bring parts of the Deep South some snow. However, most modeling keeps the system suppressed to the south of North Carolina. This will undoubtedly be a pretty far south-tracking system, but I do think there is some wiggle room for some slight shifting north. So, I am not ready to write this one off for NC just yet.


Michael 9:47 AM  

Thanks Matt! This winter has been a big disappointment to the vast majority of the SE after all the hype by ACCU-Weather and others. With the suppressed pattern being forecast and the approach of more climatologically unfavorable season looming, I am ready to forego the cold dry and go right into warmer springtime temps we often see here in late Feb early March. A period of below normal temps and no snow is not something we are anxious to see IMO. Thanks again for the very accurate forecasts for the few winter events we have seen and God bless you.

Matthew East 12:54 PM  

No problem! The pattern has been loaded with potential and storm system for a majority of the winter....some areas have just had some bad luck. Take the system 10 days ago....Parts of the Charlotte could have picked up 5-10" if the Gulf convection hadn't rolled moisture transport.

Just some bad breaks for some, while most others north of I-40 have cashed in....

ForsythCountyBrazilian 2:50 PM  

The Triad and the rest of the Mid-Atlantic have done very well this season, with the Triad well above normal average annual snowfall already.

Anonymous 3:38 PM  

Well, the Coastal Plain has been ripped off this winter and the models are continuing to shift more towards the south! Matt do you think there is any hope regarding the system this weekend? or the next two weeks?


Anonymous 5:04 PM  

It looks like early January all over again.....oh well. I'm not going to look for any winter weather hits until this pattern shifts to a warmer one. That's when it usually gets us I think, when the pattern changes to warm/cold. Maybe we'll get one more hit again in March prior to spring arriving. At least we got 2 inches this year. The last 10 years we've been pretty dry on the snow end (save Feb 04).


Anonymous 5:51 PM  

Brad and Brandon,
This is not coming from our weatherman Matthew, but from AccuWeather site - they are predicting snow for our area (Charlotte) towards end of the week. A lot of meteorologists are saying right now that the storm may be too far to our south, but of course given the fact it is only Monday, I believe things can change during the course of week. It would be nice to have a "Valentines Day Snowstorm." Keep your fingers crossed!


Matthew East 5:44 AM  

Yeah, things still look suppressed this morning, but there was a slight northward adjustment in the non-American modeling overnight. I would not get hopes up in Charlotte of Greensboro for the Friday system, but things do look somewhat promising for places like Atlanta and Columbia.

Cold and mainly dry looking more likely through mid-month for NC. See the new post and video for details...

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