Some snow on the way....

>> Friday, February 12, 2010

Take a look at this morning's video....a picture is worth a thousand words....

Snow will spread into the region late this afternoon and evening after clouds continue to thicken today. None of the snow in North Carolina will be overly heavy, but a lot of folks will likely see a period of light to moderate snow.

For the Charlotte area, snow should arrive later this afternoon and extend through much of this evening. For the Triad, a some flurries are possible later this afternoon with any accumulating snow likely occurring this evening.

The heaviest amounts of snow will occur from parts of Georgia into South Carolina and southeastern North Carolina. However, I do think a lot of folks along the I-85 corridor will pick up some accumulating snow...just keep in mind the farther south and east you are, the more snow you will likely see.

At the bottom of the post is the accumulation map I am going with on-air this morning. For the Charlotte region, I am going with a general 1-3" snow, but amounts could be higher once you head toward Rockingham.

For the Triad, accumulation look very light from I-40 and points north, but a dusting to an inch is possible. South of I-40, I have included in the 1-3" category.

For Raleigh, much the same as Charlotte....1-3" with higher amounts to the south.

Note the Outer Banks will likely see some snow accumulation, and some very nice accumulations look possible from around Wilmington down through the SC coast.

The weekend will be chilly and dry. Our next system arrives Monday and will likely involve some snow for parts of the region.


Cabarrus WX fan 7:16 AM  

I noticed this morning that there are radar returns over Missouri and southern Indiana. Is this an upper low that is pulling more of the moisture further north than previously thought, and are the models catching up to it now?

Lee 7:35 AM  

Any chance this storm moves the 6" snow up to the Cleveland county area or the storm over performs here as it did in Dallas?

Matthew East 8:02 AM  

That is a separate piece of energy....they will likely stay largely separated.

Lee...there are always surprises in snow events around here. I don't think that is likely, but somebody will likely see some higher amounts that what is being forecast.

Lee 8:06 AM  

Thanks for your time and input! You see any chance of accumulating snow from the clipper system Sunday/Monday?

Shannon Bradley 8:31 AM  

I've started coming here to check the weather before anywhere else! Enjoy the blog and the accuracy!

Matthew East 8:50 AM  

There is some chance....the Canadian track would be most useful for that to occur.

Thanks Shannon!

Anonymous 8:58 AM  

Thanks for the daily videos, Matt. I love the chance to get inside the mind of a weather expert. Here's hoping to some snow for south clt/Matthews!

Anonymous 9:19 AM  

I'm curious, it looks like most of the QPF comes in with the LOW already over the Atlantic to our southeast. Is the moisture supposed to come from the Atlantic; from our east rather than from the gulf? Many times it seems like the models overestimate that wrap around moisture. Thanks.


Matthew East 9:40 AM  

Brad, it is not so much wrap-around as it is precip on the northwest side of the sfc low due to upper level dynamics.


Anonymous 10:19 AM  

Gotcha. Thanks Matt. So let it be written.....


Anonymous 12:04 PM  

Matt i would not be the least bit surprised if this system takes everyone by surprise and gives us way more snow from southern Va and points south than what you all are forecasting??


Anonymous 12:17 PM  

Don't forget the scenario in Jan can happen again

Anonymous 1:48 PM  

Hi Matt,
I am curious as to how much you think the Ballantyne area will be getting his evening. Thanks

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