3:15pm update...

>> Friday, February 12, 2010

All looks to be going along pretty well related to my thinking this morning. I have been debating upping my 1-3" area up to 2-4". I could go either way, and really, since I was kinda leaning toward a lot of 2-3" amounts anyway, either range would be OK.

So, since I don't like changing the forecast unless I have a compelling reason to do so, I will leave it at 1-3"....just know, that a lot of areas will likely wind up in the upper end of that range, and certainly some localized 4" or 5" amounts are possible if some nice snow banding sets up.

I also want to go ahead and include the Triad itself in the 1-3" area.

So, I will let the accumulation map from earlier ride on....just be aware that a lot of folks could be on the upper end of the ranges indicated, and the Triad can consider itself in the 1-3" area as well.


Anonymous 4:18 PM  

What a surprise!? Earlier this week, no body was saying anything about this storm for CLT area, but now I guess this may have potential to produce winter hit - with possible 2-4 inches. I hope this is a sign that winter is still far from being over. I am sure we snowlovers can use some cheering up after being so either cold & dry and warm & wet this winter.

Jonathan (Hickory, NC) 7:17 AM  

We ended up with 2.5 inches here just 5 miles NW of Hickory (measured on top of grill so as not to inflate totals from grass). We had a nice snow band develop over the foothills near the end of the storm even as the snow was fading to the east. It is beautiful dry, fluffy snow, so I imagine it will melt quickly once the sun hits it this morning. Now, onto the President's Day clipper!

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