Not your everyday storm system...

>> Thursday, December 11, 2008

Above is today's edition of the Carolina Weather Video. Very impressive storm system....

Simply a very impressive storm system impacting the eastern US. Winter Storm Warnings are up in the Deep South, and snow accumulations of 3-5" are likely today ins parts of Mississippi and Alabama. Houston saw accumulating snow last night, and Baton Rough has seen thundersnow. Simply incredible....

Rain will be with us through today and into tonight. Storm total amounts could exceed 3" in some spots, so we will continue to monitor for flash flooding problems.

We are also watching severe weather possibilities. The main threat of severe weather looks to be south and east of I-85, and damaging winds and an isolated tornado are the primary threats.

Tonight, as the system begins to pull away, some wet snow could mis in with the rain in the northwest Piedmont. This does not look like a big deal, but I can't rule out a slushy, light accumulation up toward Surry and Yadkin County.


Anonymous 8:37 AM  

Just wanted to drop a note to say thank you for the video updates. Today is a great day to track and keep up with the weather throughout the deep south, SE & NE. Not sure how productive I will be in the office Thanks again Matt...your updates rock!!

Matthew East 9:02 AM  

No problem. I enjoy doing them.

Indeed, today is one of those days I am not able to pull away from watching the weather....

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