Very Impressive Storm System....

>> Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Above is today's edition of the video. Lots of good stuff in there....give it a watch.

Amazing to watch this storm system this morning. Snow has flown deep south into Texas with flakes near Austin and San Antonio. Meanwhile, severe weather continues in Alabama and Georgia as I am typing this.

This forecast is an extraordinarily complex one, and it is one about which we will have to continue to adjust the details. Here is how things look as of now...

- We will see showers today, and as the atmosphere gets more unstable, some storms are likely in the Piedmont this afternoon into tonight. Some of the storms could produce damaging winds, and an isolated tornado cannot be ruled out. Highs today should warm into the lower 70s in many Piedmont locations.

- A cold front will try to nose into the northwest Piedmont later tonight and likely stall out somewhere in the western part of the state tomorrow morning. Rain, and some storms, will continue tonight, especially in the western half of the state. Exactly how far southeast that cold front makes it is crucial in terms of tomorrow's severe weather threat.

- At this point, I think that boundary will stall out somewhere around the northwest Piedmont and then hold steady there into midday tomorrow. As an area of low pressure lifts into the Carolinas from the Gulf, it will ride along that boundary. Anywhere along and to the south of it will have a severe weather threat tomorrow, while places to the north of it will not see severe weather, but plenty of rain. Total rainfall amounts of greater than two inches seem likely across much of the Piedmont.

- Under a deep cold core upper level low, snow will fly in the Lower Mississippi Valley and Deep South tomorrow. There will likely be a strip across Mississippi and Alabama that sees 4 or 5 inches of snow. That upper air low will fill in a bit and move into the Carolinas tomorrow night. I still think some wet snowflakes are possible with the feature, but at this point, it doesn't look like too big a deal. But sometimes those systems have surprises up their sleeves, so it bears watching.


Gerald 6:24 AM  


Man i am not believing this that its gonna snow in the deep south and miss us... This is some weird weather. I live in Mt. Airy next to the mtns and can't get a good snow up here.

Matthew do you think we need to do a snow dance??? lol

Matthew East 6:34 AM  

Start couldn't hurt!

Burgertime 8:52 AM  

I broke my leg a few years ago and today it has been hurting really bad...hope that means we are in for a surprise!

junior weather man 1:21 PM  

Hey, Matthew

its brian, do you think that we may get a surprise with a good bit of snow later thursday night?? I HOPE SO. post back if you can!!
thanks, Brian

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