Some snow possible today...bigger system on the horizon....

>> Wednesday, February 24, 2010

We will see precip spread into the region this morning. Initially, most of the precip will be rain, but with time, many Piedmont spots will see some snow. This is still a tricky forecast due to the overall light nature of the precip and the borderline nature of near surface temps.

For the Triad area, a dusting to at very most 1-2" look possible on grassy and elevated surfaces. Roads should remain wet with temps above freezing today.

The Charlotte and Raleigh areas are even tougher....I still think anyone in that area is fair game for some minor accumulations on the grass, but some spots could very well see rain for most of the event.

Tomorrow will be cold and breezy with temps struggling to make it to the lower 40s and northwest winds gusting over 30mph at times.

We should stay dry and cool this weekend.

Our next system will then approach by around Tuesday. All of the players are on the field for the potential for a significant winter storm somewhere across the Southeast....and probably a lot of somewheres. Will it be here? Tough to say with certainty yet, but it bears watching.....


Anonymous 11:43 AM  

The 12z GFS was bad for Tuesdays storm pushing it out to sea over Florida. Is this just a burp, maybe come back into line in the

Anonymous 2:20 PM  

I don't think the 12z run is correct. I think the system over us now is affecting the run. I think the picture will not be clearer until the weekend.

Matthew East 3:01 PM  

I wouldn't worry about the 12z GFS too much. It is WAY south of its previous runs and its own 12z ensemble mean plus most other modeling. Unless other models and the ensembles go that way, wouldn't put too much stock in it....

Anonymous 3:04 PM  

I have a flight out of Charlotte on March 4th at 9am. Are we looking at a big enough storm to affect travel even then in your opinion?

Matthew East 3:15 PM  

I would say odds are the airport would be OK by Thursday, but it is too soon for details like that at this juncture....give it some more time.

Anonymous 12:41 PM  

Hi Matthew,

Great videos, I really enjoy your insight! What do you think our chances for snow are here in middle GA (Macon) next week?

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