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>> Friday, February 26, 2010

Robert is an intern of mine. He is a recent graduate from the meteorology program at NC State. Here is a post from him this morning......

Last day of high winds for the area thanks to the low sitting off the coast of New York. As the low continues to weaken and move West/Northwest expect the winds to settle back to normal. The weekend still continues to look quiet, with below average temperatures.

The next weather maker looks to impact our region and the Southeast around mid to late day Tuesday through Wednesday afternoon. The current wavy upper atmosphere continues to roll out new systems every 3 to 4 days. Most models are in quite good agreement for this far out showing this system dropping high amounts of liquid over our area. Liquid equivalent of around 2.00 inches as you move closer to the triangle. The question whether it will be snow or rain is still playing out. However, Right now it looks to starts as rain, cooling the atmosphere to near freezing, allowing for a long sustained period of heavy snow for most if not all of the viewing area. Some models are even showing prolonged banding to set up over central NC where accumulations amounts could quickly climb higher.

Look for some hints on amount totals as we get closer to the event Sunday into Monday.

But as always we are 4 days out so it is still too early to make or change plans based on the forecast. Check back with Weather on the Ones or blog posts as we will update forecasts based on all the latest data and model runs.

Robert Elvington


Anonymous 2:17 PM  

nice posting Robert keep up the great job !

Unknown 3:27 PM  

Folks over at are in agreement also. Looks like this is going to be a BIG snow event for Greensboro?

Anonymous 3:49 PM  

What happened to the UNCC student??? Go 49ers!:)


Matthew East 5:33 PM  


Kevin and Robert are both interns....fear not!

Susanna 10:14 PM  

Great post, Robert! You've got some good interns, Matthew!

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