Cold air here to stay....

>> Monday, December 28, 2009

Today will be chilly and breezy with highs in the low to mid 40s under a partly cloudy sky. This is the next in a continued series of blasts of cold air headed our way. Lows tonight will drop well down into the 20s, and highs tomorrow will only be in the lower 40s despite a sunny sky.

Clouds will roll in Wednesday, with the next shot at precip arriving later Wednesday night. As the precip moves in, an initial period of freezing rain looks possible, but at this point I expect it to be brief and fairly insignificant.

A chilly rain could linger through much of Thursday, and then as another piece of energy dives in, if we can keep precip around long enough into Thursday night, a period of light snow would be possible. But that portion of the forecast is surrounded by question marks.

What is not in question is the cold air coming over the New Year's weekend. This will likely be the coldest air so far this season with some highs in the 30s and lows in the teens.

There is the potential for another system around next Tuesday or so that bears watching.

I see no end to the cold and occasionally storm pattern right through mid-January.


Anonymous 6:52 AM  

The way modeling has been going I think we can forget about Wed.-Fri. system and just watch next Tuesday.

Matthew East 8:25 AM  

Yeah, I am not too excited about this week's chances.....

Anonymous 8:27 AM  

The way the modeling has been going, we just need to watch them through day 6 then stop!!! Thanks for the info as always Matt.


Michael 4:30 PM  

Good job Matt! I also don't think this week will see much in the way of wintry precipitaion outside of the mountains of NC. The following week, stangely enough, may cheat NC on snow to the SOUTH instead of the West or North like most
of the previous systems have done. With the push of very cold air suppressing the storm track further south, the people in Ga. and SC have a better chance for
snow than the Old North State will IMO.I look forward to each and every blog Matt and hope you have a tremendous God filled New Years!

Matthew East 5:51 AM  

Brad....yeah, it has been tough to reel one of these in....

Michael, same to you! No doubt suppression will be an issue. Hopefully we can get one up our way at some point....

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