Lots of cold air....

>> Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Give the video above a look....lots and lots of cold air on the way. One storm system moves through Thursday, and I show you what wintry precip might be involved in a few spots on the front and back end of it. Right now, all if it looks insignificant outside of the mountains.

Early next week, the European model pops some snow around the region while most other modeling is dry. I show you why in today's video....


Anonymous 1:45 PM  

Matthew I am confused and worry about how this winter has been so far and moving forward I thought that during el nino winter in Charlotte the temperature is blow normal during winter but Yet the we have more Winter Strom then Normal .And yet this winter the Strom have been all Rain event in Charlotte .how could it be that that city like Houston And Dallas have got more Snow then Charlotte where it colder in charlotte then is these citys

Anonymous 3:02 PM  

It seems like so far, when we have cold air in place, the air is too dry for any precip, (usually this happens after storm pulls away) then when the storm comes and produces precip, then it gets too warm for snow. I wonder if we can somehow reverse the situation?


DoubleJ 4:17 PM  

Anon-English please.

Anonymous 4:48 PM  

Matthew I am confused about how this winter has been so far I thought that during el NiƱo season in the winter in Charlotte the temperature is blow normal during the winter which has been the case and Winter Strom chances goes up Which has not been the case I don’t get it how Charlotte in a El Nino Winter season so far has got no snow what so ever. .While in Cities like Houston And Dallas where normally they get much less snow then charlotte get .If this is an El Nino Winter then why charlotte has got no Snow and Only Cold rain and Yet it Snow in Houston and In Dallas ??

Matthew East 5:56 AM  

Honestly, we have just been sort of unlucky around the southern Piedmont, Upstate, and over to the I-95 corridor. Many, many spots have seen snow across the eastern US, and the overall pattern is going generally like I envisioned. It is just a matter of getting things to line up correctly.

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