Damp finish to 2009....Frigid air coming....

>> Thursday, December 31, 2009

The minor winter weather event continues to pull away from our region today. However, another area of low pressure will continue to give us the chance of some drizzle and light rain at times today and tonight with highs in the lower 40s and lows in the mid to upper 30s.

New Year's Day will feature lots of morning clouds, but some afternoon sun should work in with highs in the 40s. Then, the big plunge of arctic air will arrive.

Highs this weekend through next week will only be in the 30s with low in the teens most morning. This will be an impressive, sustained blast of cold air.

It looks like it will be cold and dry through mid-week next week with the storm track suppressed to our south. However, there are lots of indications in the medium range modeling that a storm system could roll through around the end of next week. Lots of cold air around.....it bears watching.

I want to take a moment and say a big thank you to you for stopping by the blog this year. It has been a great year, and I look forward to rolling through 2010 with you.


Doctor Ernst 7:24 AM  

We use your vidblogs quite a bit, over on the Accuweather forums, Matt. I hope next weekend pans out for us Southern snowgeese ;-)

Hope 2010 brings you more of God's blessings! Happy New Year to you and yours, Matt!

Jonathan (Hickory, NC) 7:42 AM  

Hi Matthew-

I stumbled across your blog a couple of weeks ago, and have thoroughly enjoyed. Keep up the good work!

We had good sleet/snow until around 12:00 last night here in Granite Falls, NC. We had a good dusting on the ground, with everything turning white. It's still 31 this morning so everything's a little icy outside.

Justin(West Iredell) 8:55 AM  

I just want to Thank you sooo much for taking the time out of your day to put out these videos. I get up bright and early(an hour before I have to) just for your videos! You have no idea how much I appreciate them! I wish you and yours a very Happy New Year!..............I really hope this system comes together next week! Such a waste of cold air if there's no precip!

Matthew East 9:00 AM  

Thanks so much...I am glad you guys enjoy them!

It is humbling to hear such kind words!

I will be out of town tomorrow through the weekend, so there will not be a new video posted until Tuesday morning unless something unforeseen pops up. I will take my stuff with me so that if need be, and I possibly can, I can crank out a quick one.

MartinB 10:37 AM  

Thanks Matt for the daily blog. It's very informative and a nice place to get weather information that is more in depth and technical, but still understandable. Thanks for the efforts...I know that this is done out of passion. Considering how busy you must already be with work and family...I thank you again.

Amy (Concord NC) 11:20 AM  

Matt - just wanted to thank you for posting your blogs and videos each day! I enjoy watching and reading...May you and your family have a very Happy New Year and I hope that God continues to bless you!

Tarheelhombre 2:04 PM  

Thank you, Matthew for your blog updates.

Tarheelhombre 2:04 PM  

Thank you, Matthew for your blog updates.

Anonymous 2:41 PM  

Matthew I want to say thank you much for posting blogs and videos each day! I enjoy watching the Videos that you have posted everyday and reading your blog and watching the Videos everyday
I want to wish you and your family a happy New Year.

Anonymous 7:05 AM  

I think what will happen is evertything will go right until about Thursday and then temps warm up just enough to miss the snow. I hope it doesnt but thats whats happened on all of these other storms.

Tyler Legg 3:06 PM  

Last Anon,

You have to remember we just made the transition into winter. Geographically speaking, NC east of the mountains don't (and didn't) see much, if any snow in December. January through early March are WAY more conducive for snowstorms in the So. Piedmont. We are entering an extended cold period and somewhere in the upcoming cold we're bound to see a hit. We were right on the edge of snow/rain in MID DECEMBER!!! I have been in Fancy Gap, VA on the Blue Ridge Parkway for the past few days and there is still a foot or more of snow on the ground from the 2 feet they received nearly 2 weeks ago. This area sees more snow than the Charlotte Metro, but they don't see 2 feet of snow very often. I can't begin to imagine what the rest of the winter has in store...I think folks are starting to give up on snow, albeit we have only scratched the surface of the winter season. KEEP HOPE ALIVE!!!


Anonymous 9:41 PM  

Trust me I still have hope!! Here in Iredell we've already seen our average, but I was skiing and it took us 5 hrs to get home from Boone, so I didnt get to monitor the storm start and finish. I actually walked in my house to start looking at data and seeing radar when the snow stopped at my house. I am certain that we will see more snow before the end of the year, but I'd rather be "surprised" than "Dissapointed", you know what I mean?

Anonymous 10:41 PM  

I think the stage is beginning to take it's shape in preparation for somekind of winter weather in CLT. We are ushering the Arctic air this weekend for the next several weeks... so all we need is some storm system with some moisture. Keep hoping and keep finger crossed.


Tyler Legg 11:11 PM  

I can't imagine having so much cold air over our region without at least a few chances of snow this month. The long range data says so...

Matthew East 7:43 AM  

Thank you all for the kind words and warm wishes. I hope you all have a wonderful new year!

PLENTY of winter left. Like was mentioned, we are just now entering our climatologically-favored time for snow.

There will inevitably be a relaxing of the cold at some point, but I don't see any signs of blow torch warmth coming for any extended periods of time.

Anonymous 10:57 AM  

I'm looking at modeling and I'm seeing NO chance of snow at all, when it's cold enough there's no moisture, and when there's moisture it's too warm. NC is just not a good place for snow.


Anonymous 6:42 PM  

Someone PLEASE bring me up to date! s Thursday's system looking good for snow chances? Thanks!

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