Bit of wintry precip tonight....frigid this weekend

>> Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Above is today's edition of the Carolina Weather Video. Give it a look...

Dry through the day today...although you will likely see some returns on the radar, most of it shouldn't be able to reach the ground until this evening.

Precip will settle in this evening and tonight, and as that occurs, temps in many spots could drop to at or below freezing. Some sleet or freezing rain looks possible for a while, but I don't think this is a huge problem. But we will keep an eye on it.

Tomorrow now looks mainly dry, although some drizzle could occur at times.

A frigid airmass will arrive this weekend, and it should largely stick around through next week. At the moment, it looks like storm systems will remain suppressed to our south, meaning cold and dry weather. But this is the type of pattern where you have to watch for surprises.


Anonymous 10:10 AM  

Well I guess it's just going to be another one of "those winters" for the Charlotte Metro Matt! I know winter just started but we're wasting alot of cold air. It's ironic's not cold enough to snow when we continually get 3 inches of moisture but for the next 2 weeks it's going to be TOO cold to snow!!

I know we've got alot of time left this winter but it's like Jeff says, eventually the pendulum has to swing the other way....all this cold is going to turn into some warm later on (probably February). I still think we get a hit sometime, but it's not going to be an unusually snowy winter I don't believe; not like the 80s and early 90s. That's my "gut" anyway.


DoubleJ 11:02 AM  

Let's give up Brad and wait til next year.

Anonymous 11:40 AM  

Ha, yeah double J. Feel like it. Not totally giving up yet, just SERIOUSLY tempering my expectations I think. We had lots of talk about the pattern, colder and wetter winter (has been just not put together!), Joe Bastardi talking about cold and snowy for the south east, etc. Got me feeling like it we were going to see historic snow for our area. I don't think it's happening. Just another hit/miss winter. Here's hoping though.


Anonymous 2:02 PM  

Hey... we still got two more months to go (before spring)... let's continue to wait and see what happens... I think it's too early to give up hope yet... also, if you recall, and if my memory is correct, we DID have snow in March last winter here in Charlotte metro.

Anonymous 2:12 PM  

Brad winter just started on the 21st. Everyone of your post are so negative. Just chill out we still have a long way to go. Things will change.

RaleighSnow 2:50 PM  

Way too early to give up. It's only December and climo says our best snow chances come in late Jan and Feb. Still a great pattern that we're entering.

Anonymous 3:08 PM  

Yep, not giving up I said...just tempered expectations for the winter in general. Sorry for the perceived negativity. I'll keep it more clearly positive, promise ;)

Maybe something will sneak up on us around the 10th/12th timeframe per the GFS.


Anonymous 4:13 PM  

I think I am going to give up watching the weather for a wile ust because rarely do we get snow here in NC, and when we do its light accumulations :( here in Iredell we've already had 6 inches once , so I shouldn't be coplaining. I just can't wait to move to D.C.! :)

Anonymous 4:16 PM  

Wow some of you are a mess. We barley get snow here in NC? Really? We got snow last year. And have had big snows back in 2004 and 2003 and 2000. They weren't "little snows". Have fun in DC!!

Anonymous 5:35 PM  

9th anon. it's just discouraging when you have all this cold air and NO moisture... I want snow just as much as the next person and hope we see it but I am tired of being dissapointed. :(

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