Christmas weekend....

>> Saturday, December 26, 2009

Nice shot this morning from Haywood county.....

Enjoy the rest of your Christmas weekend. Yep, still watching the happenings for next week. Will be back on a normal schedule Monday morning with a new video and full blog post....


Anonymous 5:07 PM  
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Anonymous 6:01 PM  

Matthew, we eagerly await your return. The models are going crazy teasing with NC and the East Coast with multiple snowstorm chances!

Anonymous 1:55 PM  

hey matthew,

I keep hearing alot of talk about a storm that could rival the superstorm of 1993 around january the 7th. are you seeing anything to support this or do you think its all just hype? the 1993 storm was quite a storm and it would be incredible to see another storm of that magnitude!

Anonymous 4:16 PM  

Weather Channel has Statesville forecast for 29 as a high Saturday?????!!!! Also, what is the system on Wed-Fri. looking like? Any snow? looks like ice right now....any thoughts?

Anonymous 5:00 PM  

Matthew, some runs of the GFS have been hinting at RECORD cold for our area by the middle of January. What are your thoughts on this? Do you think a big artic push would supress any chances of a big snowstorm in the Charlotte area?


Brian L

Susanna 8:16 PM  

Hope you and your wife and family had a wonderful Christmas, Matthew! Looking forward to the forecasts for the next couple of weeks! God bless!

Matthew East 5:57 AM  

Thanks folks...I hope you all had a great Christmas weekend!

Model madness generally continues, but the concensus of lots of cold air and occasional storm systems is there.

As for the '93 superstorm, that is not called the storm of the century for nothing! It was an incredibly rare event....that type of thing will happen again at some point, but it is truly a rarity to see something of that magnitude.

Lots of cold fact, it looks very cold at times.

New post and video up this morning....

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