Dreaming of a wet Christmas....

>> Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Most of us will see a chilly, rainy Christmas. However, my thoughts are unchanged about the possibility of a period of freezing rain later Thursday night into early Christmas morning over the northwest Piedmont, foothills, and mountains. There is a good chance that a freezing rain advisory will be required for that part of our region, and we will get a better handle on it as we go through the next 24 hours.

In most spots, the freezing rain shouldn't last too long before temps warm above freezing and we see a chilly rain Christmas day. In the eastern part of the region, some thunderstorms are even possible.

The rest of the Christmas weekend looks pretty quiet. We might see a few flurries Sunday night or Monday as the upper level dynamics pull through, but it doesn't look like a big deal.

I still think the system that will roll through around a week from now has some wintry possibilities around the region, and the pattern still looks very interesting as we head into early January.


jtomlnwx 4:40 PM  

NWS has just issued a Winter Storm Watch for portions of the mountains and foothills...Do you think this could be extended through portions of the piedmont?(Iredell County) Also, I have noticed several news stations saying a high of 35 for Charlotte, is this reasonable? Could these fall a little more causing a major ice event for everyone? Thanks!

jtomlinwx 5:09 AM  

Iredell County has been put under a Freezing Rain Advisory. :)

Matthew East 5:59 AM  

Yeah, I don't think Iredell is dealing with an ice storm per se, but certainly some icing on elevated surfaces is possible early tomorrow.

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