Beautiful today... big blast of cold for Thursday...

>> Tuesday, March 11, 2014

The weekend weather was very nice across our region, and we then followed that up with some truly gorgeous weather Monday.

Well, it should wind up even a touch warmer today with highs well into the 70s across the region under a sunny sky. However, some changes then quickly begin to take place.

Clouds will roll in tonight, and some shower will be possible by late tonight and then into our Wednesday. This will be with an incoming cold front, and following that front, a sharp change back to cold weather will unfold. In fact, some snow will even fly up in the mountains by late tomorrow and tomorrow night.

Out in the piedmont, temps will plunge well down into the 20s by Thursday morning with highs Thursday afternoon struggling to make it into the lower 40s.

Down the road, some forecast question marks pop up for Sunday and Monday. I touch on all of this in today's video:


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