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>> Wednesday, March 12, 2014

A cold front is approaching today, and as that front nears and moves through, we will have some very breezy conditions today. Winds will be sustained (out of the southwest through afternoon, then northwest tonight) in the 15-35mph range with some gusts possibly over 40 or even 50mph.

Some showers will remain a possibility this morning, and then we will likely see a thin band of showers or storms late this afternoon into this evening. There is at least a limited chance of a strong to severe storm. Damaging winds would be the biggest threat, but a brief spin-up tornado can't be totally ruled out.

Up in the mountains, some snow will kick into gear later this afternoon in the favored upslope areas as the cold air floods in.

That cold air takes over region-wide tonight with piedmont lows tonight in the 20s and highs tomorrow only in the 40s. Lows will head into the 20s again tomorrow night.

I am also watching a system Sunday-Monday with some interesting possibilities. See the video for more...



John 3:16 PM  

What fresh hell is this Matthew? Are we getting more snow on Sunday night? How much are you predicting?

Matthew East 3:40 PM  

Haha. John, I wouldn't be concerned just yet. We will see.

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