Much colder today...

>> Thursday, March 13, 2014

Pretty wild weather day yesterday including some severe weather as well as damaging non-thunderstorm winds. Unfortunately, two people lost their lives due to falling trees yesterday.

In the wake of this system, it's much colder today with highs in the 40s in spite of a sunny sky. It is still fairly breezy today as well.

Temps will moderate tomorrow and Saturday with highs well into the 60s by Saturday afternoon.

Our next storm system will roll in here by Sunday. This is still a complex forecast, but it looks like we are set up for a relatively chilly rain event Sunday, and then as the system pulls away Sunday night and Monday morning, a few snowflakes are possible, especially in northern and northwestern NC. At this point, it doesn't look like a huge deal.

Here are all of the details in today's video...



John 11:02 PM  

This is so confusing. You say just a few snowflakes but your radar shows 3-4 inches of snow in Greensboro? Please help me understand. I just,can't believe its daylight savings time which usually means no winter weather, and we are still talking Bout snow!!!!

Matthew East 5:43 AM  

John... that was just a computer model plot, not my forecast. I think it was overdone with the snow plot I showed.

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