Rain at times, next system Thursday/ Thursday night

>> Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Please take time to see today's video... I spend a large chunk of time discussing our Thursday/ Thursday night system.

At the moment, I do think the system (mainly rain for the Piedmont) could END as some snow in parts of the Piedmont, but I think it would be more in the 'novelty' category as opposed to anything significant. But there are still question marks....

The system simply has a couple of things working against it in terms of getting snow on the ground in the Piedmont, including time of day (now more daytime than night) as well as warm ground temps. But we will see.

But this is a classic case of the models seeing the 500mb disturbance better with each run, and therefore, you are seeing the system get stronger with each additional run. So we will see if that trend continues. If it does, somebody could get a surprise somewhere.

The potential is definitely there for more significant snows in the mountains (and maybe a few foothills areas??)....

Please see the video...


Unknown 9:41 PM  

What are your thoughts on the NAM?. Its been consistent for the last 36 hours, in fact has a stronger system every run. But yet everyone seems to be throwing that model out in the trash

Matthew East 7:44 AM  

It was the first to sniff out the stronger trend for sure.... well done on its part...

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