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>> Thursday, January 17, 2013

Here's today's video....please give it a look:

The overnight modeling basically held serve with our incoming system. Some bullet-points....

  • Rain today...and it will be heavy at times. Many foothill and piedmont spots will pick up at least and inch of rain.... maybe 2"
  • As colder temperatures aloft move in as the upper level system strengthens, the rain will switch to a heavy wet snow from northwest to southeast. That changeover will begin this afternoon in the mountains, probably 6-8pm for the Triad, and a little bit later for Charlotte and RDU. 
  • The snow will not last terribly long. However, it's going to be quite heavy while it is falling. Snow rates will likely be quite impressive in some areas, and there could even be some thundersnow, one of my favorite weather phenomena.
  • This heavy, wet snow will likely bring down form trees and powerlines in the spots with heavier accumulations. 
  • Temperatures will drop into the 20s by late tonight in many spots. I expect many area roadways to be quite treacherous as the evening and night unfold. 
A Winter Storm Warning is up for much of the region:

Below is my accumulation map....as always, there will be localized variabilities. This is a little lower than normal confidence snow forecast due to initially warm, wet ground conditions as well as the chances of some heavy rates of snow. There is bust potential, both high and low, all over the place.


Anonymous 8:51 AM  

I love thundersnow!! I say bring it on!!


Anonymous 9:37 AM  

Has there ever been thundersnow here in charlotte? Is that a rare event when it comes to snowstorms? TK

Dylan Long 9:57 AM  

First winter storm of the season. Being it on!!

Dylan 9:58 AM  


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To know on which side one's bread is buttered

Matthew East 5:53 AM  

Thundersnow is great. And yes, the most recent time it happened in Charlotte was March of 2009.

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